How to make your blog especially prominent?

Here are some easy tips for any WordPress beginner who wants to master the art of establishing prominent blogs. From a seasoned blogger to a professional one, these tips can benefit all!

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Make the sidebar alive

We all know that WordPress sidebar is quite dead. This dead sidebar can be too annoying for a user who visits the site. Mostly, visitors got stuck with irritating options like Blogroll and Archives. So, if you want to change it, you can do so easily by editing text, which is given in the titles. You can do it very quickly while editing the file named, “sidebar.php.” You can also change this sidebar of different pages for the reader’s convenience.

Like editing the side bar, you can also make a good change to display it virtually. Ultimately, it will keep consistency in your website. It might be possible that you are not familiar with doing stuff on PHP. Make it clear that WordPress is an outstandingly “developer-friendly” platform. So, no need to worry, as it is quite easy going. If you have some knowledge about the basic functions like opening and closing statements, then you can customize it easily. So, play with the side bar and make it more users friendly on your own.

Want to do more? If yes, then you can also customize and duplicate certain sections of the WordPress blog side bar, which is an amazing feature after all!

Hide or disable reader’s comments

If you want to create a “blog free” atmosphere on your site, then you can remove the “comment posting” section. It will fuel up your blog by giving it a very cool customized look, but make sure you are not disabling the user comments permanently. It will definitely make sense if you are using the WordPress blog as a medium for content management.

“Post a comment” section is available on the bottom of every post and it can be easily amended according to your own convenience.

Stop calling it a blog

It is an effective way to brand your blog by following the recommendations. We all know that those sites which are associated with informative stuff are not called blogs. Instead of calling them blogs, “resources” or “communities” can be a better option. Today, blogs are associated with individuals while showing their unique persona. These WordPress blogs can be on various niches and topics.

Suppose, if you are making a website, do it this way while keeping its long-term benefits in mind. From day one, treat your blog as a website rather than a simple blog. Similarly, make your users addicted to this environment while communicating with them. No matter if you are working on a small WordPress blog, think big and act wisely!

Use SEO to bring new visitors

You want to make benefit out of SEO? Then, WordPress SEO is a nice way to do it. It will ultimately benefit a lot to your WordPress blog. Don’t you want to do it? If you have made a plan of dragging new visitors to your blog, then execute the idea immediately. You will find it far better than any other strategy. SEO can easily help you bring more and more users to your site with the help of world famous search engines. For good traffic on your blog, you must deal with the tools like Title Tags, Meta Tags, Permalinks and Keywords.

You must deal with tags for images

Of course, images can help you add a unique flavor to your blog. Images are self explanatory and can lift your blog by their unique presence. Even a reader can be trapped well by interesting images and catchy taglines. Keep in mind that you can use images accordingly if you know how to have appropriate title tags. Remember, title tags can easily describe the content, which they are representing. Similarly, better use such strong titles, which may have their unique significance with the overall content.

Internal linking matters a lot

You can also link other posts, which are related to the one you are posting now. It will not only direct the crawlers, but also the readers as well. A reader, who is the most important part of this whole game, will pay special attention to the similar posts and pages of your site. Here, you can also do this efficiently by describing a page well, as what it’s all about?

To make it easy for you, you can also ad “SEO smart links plugin” to execute the process automatically. It’s quite fascinating and interesting as well.

Mention dates

You can display the relevant dates on your blog. It should look like this:

Posted on October 3, 2011 (39 minutes ago)

You can do it by downloading WordPress Date Plug-in. Showing dates with the post is a wonderful idea, as it shows credibility of the source. So, what are you up to?

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