Setting up your first bulk SMS campaign

In today’s world, it has become much easier to interact with your customers and gather groups according to preferences.

SMS marketing helps businesses grow and develop, find a common language with a potential audience, and get great reach. With the help of such a tool, you can get a regular cash flow and become a sales leader in a short time.

What is an SMS campaign?

Bulk SMS campaign has been the best advertising medium for the past few years. If earlier it was in the form of mailings by mail, now everything has improved a lot.

In SMS, you can write individual information, adjusted to the temperament of the client, which makes it possible to get closer to the business owner and the audience.

Most often, this is a small text in which the company encourages the person to use its services. It can also be a story about new products in the assortment or promotional offers.

What are the benefits of launching an SMS campaign?

Send text message campaigns are very beneficial because this type of advertising is very cheap.

Usually, companies turn to mailing services like BSG World, which do all the work and take responsibility for the result. Such services have a pleasant pricing policy since this does not require a large team of employees.

This is done by a manager and a copywriter, clearly and clearly conveying the firm’s proposal to the audience.

How does bulk SMS marketing work?

Bulk SMS marketing strategies consist of quickly and efficiently delivering the customer’s proposal to the client.

To do this, you need to obtain from the company the personal information of potential customers, divide them into categories and write clear text. After that, the service sets the time frame and starts the mailing.

The person receives a message and learns about tempting promotions. Now it is up to the audience to decide whether to come to you or not.

How do companies send mass text messages?

Setting up an SMS campaign takes a little time. To do this, there is a special application into which you need to drive in all the phone numbers from the database. After that, the copywriter enters a message into the service that needs to be forwarded and sent for unloading.

There is another option when specialists do everything manually. This happens when there is a separate message for each client. Then the SMS campaign template changes and you have to spend a lot of energy on it. Therefore, we recommend using the first option.

Things to know before launching your first SMS campaign

As we have already said, before starting a bulk SMS campaign, you need to get some information. We have compiled the main points that a company must-have.

Create a mobile list

When customers are shopping in your store, ask them to dictate their phone number in order to issue a discount card. This way you will gain access to their gadget and be able to contact them.

You can also ask colleagues to share contacts of users who might be interested in your services. Thus, you get closer not only to the audience but also to your competitors.

Find an SMS service provider

In order to start sending text message campaigns, you need to choose a company that will help you complete the mailing. It could be BSG World, which for many years has been making businesses grow and develop, getting big profits.

Choose those who have excellent reviews and warranty periods, so that in case of unpleasant situations, you can quickly solve the problem without resorting to legal assistance.

Create the text message copy

Be sure to make copies of your mailings so that in the future you can compare the results of all campaigns and choose the one that brought more reach and helped to establish contact with the audience. In the next launches, you can slightly change the text, but use the keywords for their intended purpose.

 Schedule the bulk SMS campaign

You shouldn’t send SMS every day. Choose specific dates and times when your audience will happily read the message and respond to it. Do this so that the user enjoys reading and does not feel intrusive. We recommend doing this in the middle of the day, during lunchtime, when workers start using their phones and chatting with friends.

Launch and track results

Launching a bulk SMS campaign is the most important part of an advertising campaign. It helps to understand which audience is better to target and predict the results.

After completing all the actions, analyze which days the users were active and use the information for the following templates.

Wrapping up

Thanks to such simple actions and cooperation with a good SMS marketing channel and BSG software, you will be able to become a sales leader in any field.

Follow trends and keep up with the times. Go to the BSG World website and order the service that you think is necessary.


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