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Nowadays sharing files is mandatory, regardless of the area you are working in. This means that even if you are a photographer, a musician or a designer you will need a great program that will transform this process into an easy and nice one. If you are in need of something like this, then you should learn more about Shared. As you are about to see this is a great program that comes equipped with many advantages, which will definitely make your job a lot easier.

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First of all, it is important for people to find out that with Shared there is no installation process required. All you will have to do is to upload files, share them and access your media from any device. To be more precise this is what you must do. To begin with you will have to sign up; however there is nothing to worry about, because creating an account on Shared is free and extremely fast. After you have completed this step you will be able to use this tool, for file hosting, for free storage or for sharing your documents.


There are many people out there, who are afraid to use such programs. They fear that important details of their business may leak and thus get in the hands of the wrong people. But, this is not the case of Shared. On the contrary, they are very keen on keeping your files private. Besides that, you are the only one who will be in control of sharing what you want with the people you want.

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Anyway, the best feature of all is that you will have the possibility to use either the free version of this program or its pro options. So, at first you may begin with the free edition. When you will consider that something more powerful with more features is required, then you may go for the Pro plan or for the Pro Plus option. You will see that the benefits are numerous, for instance you will get up to 2TB of storage. And, as far as money is concerned, prices start from $9.95 per month.

Something so good, must definitely be shared. However, here you won’t do it for free if you will enter their referral program. People who are interested in earning extra money should know how things work with thisplan. Well, everything is quite simple: for every friend who goes for a Pro account, they will get 30% of the sale. Also, there are many ways through which they could refer this website, they could do it either through a referral link, they could advertise on their website, they could share their media or they could email their friends.


And one more thing you should know is the fact that Shared will definitely save your time. To be more precise you can forget about waiting for ages for files to upload and to share. Here, everything is done at the speed of light. Plus, this is an incredibly easy to use tool, so it is understandable why everything is so fast.


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  1. Victoria says:

    It’s interesting service – but when will we get file sharing for free and with full private options? I now use Dropbox and Google Drive, will try this too

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