Codelobster PHP Edition For Web Developers

Eventually every web developer comes to the point when he needs handsome and convenient alternative to the code text editor, something more powerful, comprehensive and improved. Natural choice at this moment is to start using IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Among others, there is one bright solution with a funny name – Codelobster PHP Edition. This program is the whole complex of advanced text editor, code debugger and a pack of useful plugins. Nice characteristic of this solution is that it is partly free of charge (minimum required basis), while plugins for more improved work with some special tools are for small-added price.


As any “grown up” and finished product, Codelobster PHP Edition has many useful features and functionality, which make the process of code developing faster, better and the most optimal.

As an IDE, Codelobster PHP Edition offers you PHP debugger and parser. Parser provides you with the full project data structure. This lets you easily review all defined methods and variables. Debugger lets you execute your scripts gradually with full control over your code accuracy.

Another common IDE feature is autocomplete function, which handles HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP with ease and boosts your development process.

HTML/CSS inspector operates in the Firebug style, linking together objects and their styles.

There is a group of features, which helps you to navigate across your project and keep your code organized. These features are code highlighting and collapsing, pair tags, braces and quotes highlighting, block selection, preview in browser, tooltips, bookmarks, etc.

SQL and FTP managers allow you to integrate managing of these near-development functions into one program interface, providing you with full CRUD control over your database data and remote files.

You can choose the way your tool looks like with several color schemes, including the most popular IDE colors.

In addition, editor contains good help and reference system, which consists of context help accessed at any time by using common F1 key, when a tag, a function or an attribute is chosen. Moreover, if you click the mouse on any function or link with CTRL pressed, you will see its description or correspondent file.

Finally, additional plugins will make your work much easier, when using some popular frameworks (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii), CMF (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress), template engine Smarty and JavaScript library JQuery.

Choosing the right tool will dramatically enhance the quality of your development process to a new higher level. Codelobster PHP Edition is one of these great solutions!


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