19 Amazing Social Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

Nowadays, Social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our blog. Social media optimization doesn’t only allow discovering and reading the content and information but also encourages you to share the knowledge what you have. This post includes some of social jquery plugins and tutorials. Enjoy!

Create a jQuery Plugin For Social Networking

social plugin


MobilyBlocks plugin allows you to simply create an unordered list as an impressive and stylish animated circle.

social pluginDemo

BubbleUp jQuery Plugin to Spice Up Your Menu

jquery plugin

jQuery Twitter Widget with @Anywhere support

jTweetsAnywhere is a jQuery Twitter Widget that simplifies the integration of Twitter services into your site.
With just a few lines of Javascript you can

  • Display tweets from users’ feeds and users’ lists
  • Show results from a Twitter search
  • Present auto-refreshing realtime/live tickers
  • Build pageable tweet feeds
  • Integrate a customizable TweetBox into your site
  • Let your visitors follow you directly from your site
  • Handle secure authentication with Twitter


jQuery Social Share Toolbar

Build your own social share toolbar using jQuery and CSS3. The toolbar should be visible at the bottom right corner of your browser. If you hover over the toolbar it will slide up, click the minimize button it will all but disappear, click one of the icons and you will be taken to either the login page or the share page of that social site.

share bar

So So Social Plug-In

The So So Social plug-in uses jQuery and YQL (Yahoo Query Language) to gather RSS feeds from your various social networks and sorts them into an “activity feed”. It basically creates a news feed out of your social networking activity.

jQuery Bookmark

A jQuery plugin that sets a div to allow sharing of your page on various bookmarking sites.

Bit.ly Button – jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Post

bit.ly buttonDemo

Quite Delicious Button – A jQuery Plugin


A JQuery plugin to display social bookmarking icons

jQuery Share It! Hides and toggles a group of social bookmark icons with a nice slide animation.


Social Icons With Cool jQuery Tooltip

This tutorial will take you through how to create a simple jQuery animated tooltip for social icons such as RSS and Twitter. It shows you how to achieve a nice faded animation that you can change variables such as fade speeds etc. All you need is two images and jQuery!

jquery tip

A Twitter List Powered Fan Page

social pluginDemo

Create a Social Media Sharing Menu Using CSS and jQuery

Create a social media share menu using CSS and jQuery. create the menu using basics CSS such as the CSS background-position property and a little jQuery to make the links animated.

social menu

Combined Facebook, Twitter & RSS Social Stats with jQuery

Create a simple widget, which combines the number of your RSS readers, twitter followers, and fans of your facebook fan page, to give a rough estimate of your social popularity.

social stats

JQuery MouseOver Social Bookmark Icons For Bloggers

jquery hover

A jQuery-powered social dropdown menu

social menu

How to: jQuery Driven Social Bookmark Counters

social bookmark

SMover, a jQuery Social Media Plugin


SMover (Social Media hover, pronounced smother) is a jQuery plugin that hides social media icons away, whilst allowing super smooth and easy access to them when required. It’s also really small, just 4kb compressed!

SMover hides away social media (in fact, any) icons and only displays them when the user hovers on a call to action, there are no labels with SMover, however the links title is used to signify the links purpose, check out the demo for a hands on session.

Push effect: Improving visual feedback for social voting tools with jQuery

Digging, voting, buzzing, retweeting, liking, bumping, shouting. These ubiquitous social tools have become the de facto mechanism to determine collective popularity. There’s little variation in terms of visual feedback when you engage these tools to increase an item’s popularity by one unit. Most just update the value instantly while others (Digg) perform a little fade effect.

push effect


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