Planning to launch a successful campaign? Confused which social media platform is best for you?

When Facebook introduced, there was huge demand; people were going crazy to sign in Facebook accounts. Facebook today is more relevant when it comes to Video’s while Instagram is winning lots of younger generation, businessman, hearts focusing more on images. Instagram has taken the limelight with more than 1 billion active monthly users .6 out of 10 online adults prefer Instagram. It provides various value propositions such as, its more commerce and mobile-friendly, which enhances the customer experience. To enhance branding through Instagram contact professional branding agency which will help you gain competitive advantage.

When we are talking about Instagram, did you ever realize the best tools to maximize the quality of your Instagram campaigning? Yes, it already exists within Instagram.

 Let’s study various trends to maximize your business on Instagrams in 2019.

  1. Instagram stories

The human brain is designed to get engrossed in listening stories and will be hooked till climax because stories are creating curiosity. Hence Instagram stories have reached more than 500 million viewers each day. Instagram stories are the best way to keep a tab on what your friends and families are up to?

Many people refer to Instagram feed as a place to discover brands and their information. Instagram added value by introducing features such as stories Archive and highlight functions. Now story content is displayed in a new section of your profile maximizing their usage.

Some stats about Instagram stories

2 million + advertisers worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results.

60% of users claim to discover new products by referring others profiles

25million Instagram profiles are a business profile

1/3 rd of the most viewed stories are from business

Instagram stories

  1. Visual Composition

If you have a plan to promote your business, then Instagram ranks on top position. Why? Because Instagram is all about visuals, and nothing works better than visual when it comes to the social media platform.

A lot of random browsers converted into potential customers due to the credibility of brand images, which also develop a brand aesthetic that drives traffic.

If you want people to stay back on your posts, then there should be consistency which will create clarity. Users always appreciate consistency in your brand communication. Brand positioning, which is an important technique, can be successfully executed only by brand visual consistency.

One should always have a strong visual strategy, which will include creativity, innovation, trending content and excellent composition. It will help to boost your Instagram performance.


We rarely find an Instagram post without “Hashtag”, that’s because of its beautiful nature that its simple to create and is searchable. If hashtags used productively, it can be an integral part of digital marketing. You can follow and get engaged with specific hashtags to keep yourself updated about trending topics.

Brand visibility enhanced by using relevant hashtags, making your brand look credible and trustworthy. One has a huge opportunity to expand their business communication by reaching new audiences by following targeted hashtags. One can utilize trending hashtag or can create their hashtags.

Continuously usage of relevant hashtags in all your posts will enhance your brand visibility. Good Hashtag strategy will help people associate with your business, which in turn will establish your brand in the market.

Some examples of famous hashtag movements in which everyone participated in s flow

  • #love
  • #outfitoftheday
  • #photooftheday
  • #fashion .
  • #beautiful
  • #instamood


Today around 375 million are using Instagram DM’s every month, which is almost half of the entire user base, and yes, that’s incredible. There are lots of benefits by integrating  DM in any startup or established business. It can perform test runs, before introducing new product, service or campaign. DM will also help you to test it with loyal customers from those which you are aware of getting honest feedback.

Improving networking will lead to a good brand strategy to be connected and understand changes that occur. Customer services are also enhanced by this technique, which in turn improves long term relationship with clients.

Eventually, users will have privacy permissions, allowing them to block direct messages occurring on the platform

You can enhance your brand strategy of networking by the below steps :

Find new Instagram accounts to connect and target

Go through Instagram profiles and audit their account

Bring them into value

Believe in rinse and repeat

Pay attention to engagement

Social media marketing agency are professional source in order to align above all steps in systematic and organized manner.

  1. Instagram Live

Ready to get #InstaLive which will make you viral and yes this trend is here to stay. As per surveys, it is observed that 80% of customers prefer watching live videos than that of reading any blog or articles.

Newsfeed priority – Posting live videos will help you to be on the mind of your follower as soon as they open up the app. Consistency in posting videos will help you to maintain brand identity and image in the minds of followers.

Increased engagement – Companies today are hosting a lot of AMA(Ask Me Anything) sessions wherein people can be live and ask various questions. AMA creates a personal connection, making them feel a strong ‘sense of belongingness’.

Build a relationship – Relationships get stronger when you have face to face interactions, level of trust is built faster compared to non-face to face interactions.

Better brand identity – Like an individual brand has its own unique personality, and Instagram live is the best way to demonstrate its individuality. Filters, themes, creative and inspirational content all these elements act as a soul to bring life to brand.

  1. Influencers

Ever wondered how influencers help you to build your business, here you are!!!

Bloggers act as major influencers partnering with them for feature and reviews of your product or services will bring out awareness about your commodity. Influencers then tag your profile where you are then visible to the bulk of influencer’s followers impacting significantly.

The gain of traffic and improvement of search engine ranking are significant outcomes of influencer’s reviews.

Example – Good Green nutritional bars company in the Cleveland area reached out to local bloggers and asked them to consider writing about their bars. They supplied some free sample products of each flavour. Local blogs such as ‘Rawdorable’ and ‘Spit That Out’ featured the Good Green Nutri Bras reviews and expressed how they loved indulging into its taste. They also educated readers about healthy ingredients which are present in bars that made people aware of the value of the product. Influencing Video resulted in driving 2000+ visitors monthly, which led to improved sales average by 50% in just four months.

  1. Shopping on Instagram

P-interest being their core platform for product discovery, it’s a versatile way where around 70% shopping passionate users explore brands on Instagram. Product tags in feed post, product stickers in stories and shopping feed through explore tab are going to enhance user experience and are future changing elements.

Instagram has introduced a new app called “in-app” checkout feature, which is already into the testing phase with MNC’s such as Adidas, Nike, Revolve.

Instagram has now let creators tag products in their posts, which purchased without wasting users time directly with Instagram checkout option.

  1. Instagram Advertisement

Gone days when we used to see long videos with large text. Now there will be a shift on short, trendy, text focusing on the only 15-second per-media limit. The focus will be to create Interesting video ad’s that have voiceover and super funky music. Advertising on Instagram is free of cost wherein you can showcase your products or services to your audience. Paid advertising on Insta is less than Google Ads, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. So one has enormous potential to portray their brand values through advertising.


Today we are in an era where everyone is busy in their hectic lifestyles. Connect them in such an over-communicated society one has developed a dominant brand personality. Instagram is the future of many such strategies which will bring technology closer to human, which further improve the sense of belongingness of end user.

Future of Instagram is full of exciting ventures such as

Instagram will invest bulk in IGTV

The analysis will become more robust

Instagram stories will become more interactive

Influencer marketing will see the face of intense personalization

Addition of tools which will improve user to user communications, such many more

If you have that enthusiasm and spirit to get started today!

DesignerPeople will help you to convert your passion into reality.


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