Essential Strategies to Increase Social Media Engagement

The number of social media users today is in the billions and only set to increase in the next decades as more and more people are becoming connected by cellular technology. This revolution is how we communicate with each other has caused a concurrent revolution in how businesses advertise their products and services. Advertising has now become about strategies for increasing product exposure through social media engagement. If you are a novice when it comes to maximising your online audience, the following tips should provide some assistance.

  1. Use Free Monitoring Tools

Most social media sites now include designated business accounts that will give you a detailed low-down on how many people have seen your posts and how many have actively engaged with them by click on them. This is a marketing tool that many in the advertising business of yesteryear must have believed would never exist. Trial and error around the type of messages and the publication times can help you to vastly increase how many people are being exposed to your product.

  1. Produce Quality Content

It sounds obvious, but the best way to grow your social media following is to produce quality content. Making short videos and personal blog posts in which your personality and the ethos of your business shine through is key here. Research shows that people respond well to visual stimuli, so make sure what you post is aesthetically-pleasing.

  1. Use a Range of Different Networks

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat all play host to a different demographic. You can easily maximise the number of people that you reach by spreading your message across accounts with different providers. Make sure that you post content that is most likely to grab the attention of the type of people that use a particular social network.

  1. Promote Through Competitions and Giveaways

One way to ensure that your posts are shared is by organising competitions and giveaways. A post offering a chance to win something will quickly go viral and often be the first contact that potential customers will have with your business. An example of a competition might be asking clients to share a personal story that they have which includes something that they believe demonstrates the ethics behind your business and awarding the best one with a free product.

  1. Repost Positive Customer Experience

Little inspires trust among consumers more than a horde of positive testimonials of people who have bought the product. Select some of the best feedback that you have been sent down the years and repost it regularly. You will soon find that other people will start sending you testimonials in case you decide to post them on your page.

Harnessing the power of social media is essential if you want your business to be a success these days. Following the tips above will help you to create a splash with your social media engagements much quicker than you had ever believed possible!


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