Tips on Reducing Road Accidents

Road accidents occur due to various reasons including speeding and not adhering to road rules. With the law stipulating what each driver should do to stay safe, we give you a few of the ways you can stay even safer on the road.

road accident

Watch out for red light runners

Red light runners are the drivers trying to speed through a yellow light. It is advisable to count to three when the light goes green before moving forward.

Be cautious entering busy sections

When entering a roundabout or other busy sections of the road, be careful not to be too fast as anything can happen there. Even when there are no cars in your site, one may come up too fast to evade it.

Never leave the steering wheel unattended to

When in the car, the speed may look manageable but never think of taking your hands off the steering wheel even for a second. At such speeds, even a gust of wind may blow the car off the road.

Do maintenance often

To avoid personal injury or injuring other people with your car, make maintenance a routine task. Even without taking it to the mechanic, check the tires and oil on a daily basis to ensure you are safe.

Keep an eye on animals and children

Unless you are in the middle lane of a highway with barricades on both sides of the road, animals and children are always a hazard. Don’t narrow your view to the road alone to be safe.

Keep a safe distance from other cars

On the highway or other road, keep a safe distance from any object around you. Cars in front of yours, behind it, and besides it. Just in case something happens, you give yourself the chance to save yourself.

Refrain from tailgating

When the cars on your lane have come to a standstill, keep an eye on the traffic light and the car in front of you. When flagged off, avoid being left behind as it may force you speed up to catch up.

Look back (literally) when reversing

Most people think having the rear mirror, side mirrors or back cameras is enough to keep them safe when backing up. You are required to physically look backwards for the ultimate safety. Your attorney will have double work if you are found guilty of depending on mirrors alone.

Be sane

It is often said that, to be safe on the road, you have to make the assumption that everyone else is insane. It is a weird way of looking at things but it has some level of truth in it. To keep yourself safe, respect others, give way where it is needed and just be nice to others.

There are many other tips one can rely on to stay safe on the road. However, you can start off with these ones to be a life-saver on the road. It is actually quite easy staying safe on the road than most people think.


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