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Blogging is a very interesting concept that’s evolved a lot over the years. If you look at it back when it first became a thing, blogging was seen as a way to pass the time. Blogs were almost like public journals where people posted their opinions and thoughts. In many ways, it’s still the same today, and these types of personal blog are still out there. However, you also have blogs that are built around certain concepts and ideas, like our design blog! There are marketing blogs, gaming blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs – you name it.

But, there are also business blogs. Now, it’s important to make a distinction here as there are two types of business blogs. There are blogs that are based around business topics and discuss business happenings. Then, there are blogs that are set up and owned by a business. It’s the second type that we’re focusing on today. Specifically, we want to show you how you can create a successful blog for your business.



Before we do that, you’re probably wondering why your business should do this. Well, blogs are proven to help improve your digital marketing campaign. They’re an excellent way of bringing new visitors to your site and keeping people engaged. They can also be used to promote your products and call people to action. All in all, a business blog is nothing but a positive for your company.

So, here’s how you can start a successful one:


First things first, you have a decision to make regarding the location of your business blog. Some think that you should just create a new section of your website dedicated to the blog. Others believe that creating a standalone blog is the better option, on a separate site. Each one has pros and cons, it comes down to personal preference. By having your blog on your normal site, all the traffic you get will already be on your site, making it easy to direct them around to other pages as they see the menus, etc. But, by having a standalone blog, you can host it on a different server to your website. This means if your site server goes down, then your blog will still be up and running meaning people can still find it and read your posts. You could also post an update on their telling people what’s going wrong. It also means you can run site maintenance on your main site and still have your blog running. The only downside is that you have two servers running at once, which means twice the work for your IT support company! With standalone blog sites, you can still use links in the content to direct people to your main site as well. In the end, it boils down to your choice. If you do put your blog on your site, make sure it’s easily visible and not hidden away in the menus.


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Blog Design

The design of your business blog is very important. It needs to follow similar themes to the rest of your web presence. For example, look at your web design and use similar colours, etc. You want people to realise that this blog is part of your business, so your logo and name need to be present at the top of every page. Make your blog look nice and be easy to navigate, ensuring that it works on mobile devices too. Now, readers will have a better experience and can read your posts on any device.


The content you create also needs to be heavily considered. Make sure you’re writing posts that are relevant to your site in some way. Why? Because you need to attract people that will be interested in your business or there’s no point in the blog. If you run a business that sells clothes, you should write fashion posts to bring in your target market. It’s no use writing about, say, the top five accounting software for small businesses. Sure, this is a post that’s very popular and useful – but to the wrong audience! Also, make sure your posts are regular as it helps create a large audience of loyal readers.

If you consider all three of these points, you’ll have a successful business blog up and running in no time. Now, all you have to do is ensure you market your blog and promote it properly. Drive a much traffic to it as possible, and then use your blog to drive more traffic to your regular site and increase sales. It’s a brilliant plan, and it works every time.


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