How to Turn Your Social Media Influence from Blah to Fantastic

If you’re not doing any social media marketing, chances are you’re still living in the dark ages, and you need to time travel to the new world. Now more than ever, you social media influence plays a role in how your brand is perceived and received. In fact, social media influence is so important now that even people use that as a yardstick for how good your products or services might be. Doubt it? Here’s a quick question: who would you prefer to hire? The plumber with 550 likes or one with 120 likes on Facebook? Chances are your first inclination would be the guy with 550 likes.

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That’s because those “likes” translate to some brand credibility. The guy with 120 likes may do a better job in reality, but because he doesn’t have considerable social media “currency”, you don’t think he’s capable. If you’re like the latter, you need to work on social media influence quick. Here’s how to do that:

Consistently Add Valuable and Interesting Content

What do you think people would like to know about your brand, business and products? Do you say people would appreciate DIY tips and information? How about them seeing you do some work for a client? These questions are important because they serve as the baseline for your social media influencing. They can also be the guidelines for your content. You don’t always have to put up How-tos. Mix things up. Post images, videos, texts, articles and blog posts. In fact, anything you feel might be interesting, share it with your audience. The point is to get lots of people interested in your brand and business as well as build a sizable audience.

Hire and Use Influencers to Build Your Credibility

If your influence is lacking and you’re finding it hard to drum up a lot of social media followers, do the smart thing and use already established social influencers with the right target audience. Social influencers can help drum up considerable traffic and traction to your business by just posting a link to your social media profile on their feeds. There are several ways to find worthy social media influencers, but none is as easy as using a social influencer platform like NeoReach. The platform brings brands and social influencers together. With results like $4-$nine on every dollar spent on social influencer marketing, you really can’t go wrong with this.

Engage Your Audience More

Seriously, any business, brand or product owner that’s not engaging their audience is doing themselves a lot of harm. How can you not have some engagement in this day and age? That’s just wrong and puts you on the fast track to irrelevance. Unless you’re one of the biggest household name brands out there, you have to work conscientiously at engaging with your audience big time. Fill your feed with outstanding customer testimonials, encourage your fans to post their questions and contribute, answer their questions and just connect with them.

Attend to All Customer Complaints Promptly

And privately too. Here’s something about customer complaints, it will tarnish your brand. It doesn’t matter that you have thousands of satisfied customers. Once one complaint shows up on your timeline or feed, you can be sure that many people will fixate on this.
So, what do you do when this happens? Simple: Take the matter privately. Something as simple as ” Hi There, could you please email me with your complaints or send me an inbox message about your dissatisfaction” can immediately defuse an already tense situation.
Some brands might be lucky in the sense that some of their satisfied customers would jump on and try to help or recommend possible solutions. But don’t wait on that. DO your job speedily and effectively!

About the author:
Oscar King, a freelance writer and marketing agent enjoys sharing his tips and experiences with social media marketing. If you would like to learn more about Oscar, you can check out his google+ profile.


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