How to Use Twitter Photo Sharing to Market Your Business

Medium and small businesses are increasingly using Twitter as part of their social media marketing strategy. Besides just tweeting out press releases, Twitter is also useful for photo sharing. The following are some tips that will help you establish a successful Twitter photo sharing strategy.


1. Select pictures wisely

The images you share with your followers will project an image of you and your firm. Therefore, you need to be discrete as you select the images to share. Make sure the photos you share are those that you wouldn’t hesitate to show your investors, your customers or even your family.

2. Share ‘behind-the-scene’ photos

Your followers would be interested to know what goes on ‘behind-the-scene’ in your firm. Don’t hesitate to share such photos. However, make sure they are suitable for the whole family and ultimately beneficial for your brand.

3. Allow your staff to share photos

By allowing your staff to share photos which appropriately represent your business, they will be able to give your followers a different angle of your business. However, you need to lay down basic guidelines for your staff to help them understand what kinds of photos are appropriate to share.

4. Avoid spamming

Sharing too many photos at the same time is considered spamming by Twitter. In addition, this ends up being a nuisance to your followers. When you begin sharing photos, it is advisable to share not more than 3 photos per week. With time, as you receive positive feedback, you can then add to this number.

5. Only use clear photos

Though this seems like an obvious point, many people don’t consider it. Your followers should be able to clearly see what you have taken in your photo. If your images are blurry and of poor quality, your followers will simply ignore your multimedia tweets.

6. Don’t force it

Quite often, people feel the urge to tweet though they don’t really have anything to say. When someone stays for some time without sharing photos or tweeting, they feel compelled to share something just to break the silence. However, when it comes to tweets and photos, an irrelevant or poor-quality post will end up putting off your followers. Make sure your photos are always enlightening and attention-grabbing, even if this means sharing photos only once every week. This strategy has played a major role in promoting my mixbook coupons and snapfish discounts via Twitter.

7. Add a catchy and relevant caption

Before tweeting out your photos, make sure you include some descriptive words. If you don’t, a short link is all your followers will see, which lowers the likelihood of anyone clicking on it. Your caption can either be a question, a description of the photo or just an obscure statement. The important thing is that your photo tweet is accompanied by a caption.

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