Use of Vector Animals as Mascots in Website Design

The Adobe graphics design suite offers amazing tools for creating vector art. These vectors can be used as web page backgrounds, small UI icons, or even mascot artwork. There are countless companies represented by animals mascots which can be represented in vector art form.

This case holds especially true with today’s new telecommunications which allow designers to share their art over the Internet. Small startups are hatching every day out of Silicon Valley and have continued to show great strength in creativity. Animal mascots are some of the most memorable objects when it comes to branding purposes.

Below I’ve compiled a great set of websites using vector animals throughout the page. Often these line up as mascots or extras in a logo. Sometimes you’ll also see vector animals sewn throughout the page sidebar or footer. Check out our Illustrator logo design tutorials if you’re interested in creating them yourself!

Similarly there are tons of freebies offered in popular design magazines. These include vector illustrations licensed under Creative Commons and open to the general public.


Mix Turtle

Third Culture Studios

Old Loft


Mamie Bouillabaisse


Ethan Gardner Web Design

N.Design Studio

Small White Bear


Freelance Switch

Silverback App

Arbel Designs


Mozilla Firefox 4





Tomas Pojeta




Kinetic Shadows

Dean Oakley


These brands are just a few of the most renowned designs we see on the net today. As a fellow web designer I find vector shapes add a relaxing and energetic feel to the page. Although it seems like a lot of work small practice sessions will help you see vast improvements over time. Illustrator isn’t an easy piece of software to master, but it does come with a strong sense of accomplishment.

This collection is by no means full and offers a strong glimpse into a slice of our Internet. If other designers have suggestions or links to other galleries feel free to share your ideas below. Vector artwork is great for inspiring new minds with creative flow.

Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a social marketing expert and Internet entrepreneur. He has built a few startup ideas and continues to write for many online design magazines. Check him out through google or follow his updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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  1. The entire series of animal mascots (monsters!) awarded over time for achievements to enhance the user experience at Squidoo.

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