Using Devumi To Leverage Social Proof For Greater Success on YouTube

Succeeding on YouTube is not easy by a long shot. Often times, you are actively competing against competitors who have been established and popular for a long time. Getting your videos ranked as high as theirs, while producing high-quality content is difficult at best. Everybody wants to watch the ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ videos, but how can you become popular if no one will watch you? Competing head to head with others is sure to give you a headache, but what if you could skip straight to being successful? Learn to work smarter – with Devumi.

Youtube Success

Leveraging Your Social Proof

The concept behind the ‘bandwagon effect’ that happens on YouTube is known as Social Proof. It’s an incredibly powerful force that helps shape a large portion of your daily decision making processes. As humans, we believe strongly in the wisdom of the crowd – and social networking sites like YouTube realize that. Not only will popular videos naturally attract more views due to human nature – YouTube’s ‘suggested videos’ section is structured in such a way that those popular videos attract even more views. Double whammy.

The solution is simple – be popular. By purchasing your initial views, likes and comments through a service like Devumi, you’re sending the entire world signals that say you’re ready for and deserving of success. YouTube will look at your increased viewcount and assume that your content is popular, and people will be far more attracted to your video if they think that thousands of other people have already enjoyed it.

Kickstarting Your Views

Buying YouTube views can be the key to success in a cutthroat environment – but knowing whether it’s right for you is important. Here’s the breakdown:

The Pros

The immediate benefits for buying YouTube views should be pretty plain to see. You gain immediate social proof and traction with YouTube’s ranking algorithm – this alone can often be enough to get your video to critical mass. As if that wasn’t enough though, your videos shareability goes through the roof as people tag their friends and tweet your video out to their social circles. If you decide to purchase High-Retention YouTube views, your user engagement will also shoot through the roof – a metric which YouTube loves to reward with promotions and recommendations.

These factors all combine to form an incredibly powerful trickle down effect – as your purchased views give your video more exposure, your organic views start climbing. These users are predisposed to like your video due to its previous success, more likely to share it, and far more likely to want more of your videos. When you then launch a new video, the process can repeat itself with even greater results, as your new organic subscribers jumpstart your video.

The Cons

There are always two sides to a coin however. Purchasing YouTube views – while powerful and useful, can have its downsides. When you decide to purchase YouTube views on a particular video, you agree to a specified number of views – however, those views are generally accumulated over a period of time, during which it can be difficult to tell the difference between your purchased views and any natural or organic views you’ve received.

Views you purchase are also not necessarily going to be targeted to your audience – the people who watch your video may not necessarily feel strongly about your content, and are naturally less likely to engage with your video via likes, comments or shares. These viewers also are less likely to subscribe, click annotations or links, and the vast majority of them run AdBlock, meaning little to no ad revenue. This is less of a con, and more of a misconception. You shouldn’t be buying these views in the hopes of monetizing them, as that’s a waste of time. Instead, buy these views to set the stage for your potential audience to engage with – and focus on monetizing them instead.

Lastly, as your viewers tend not to engage with the video, the YouTube Ranking ratio can sometimes become skewed. If you purchase 5,000 views but still only have 4 likes, YouTube (and natural viewers!) might take a second look at your videos popularity. This makes it important to also invest in some purchased user engagement like comments, likes and shares. This increased user engagement will round out your video’s social presence and boost your social proof even further.

Devumi: Your Best Choice

When it comes to providing YouTube services and helping you kickstart your success on YouTube, no one else comes close to Devumi in terms of quality, service or cost-effectiveness. Once you decide to partner with Devumi, they’ve got your back every step of the way. A top-notch money back and retention guarantees supported by a very personal, US-based customer support team. No goal is too big to handle – they’re experts in this field, with decades of experience. You can check out their blog for more info.


If you’re looking to build a reputation online, jumpstart a YouTube video, or even just garner some more popularity, Devumi is here to help. The concept of social proof is complex and powerful, but with the right team behind you – you can harness that incredible energy and launch yourself to the stars.


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