Web Design Trends Now in 2011

Web design trends are dictated by the changing needs and preferences of web design customers. The dynamics involved here are highly complex because web design needs are diverse as customers from all possible niches known to us influence the web design trends.

What has to be noticed here is that web design customers are influenced by the changing preferences of the internet users. Previously, when websites were still new a lot of emphasize was given to how beautiful a website looked, Flash elements and dynamism of the websites. The focus was more on the graphic appeal of the websites.

Internet users preferred websites that were beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Today web design trends are different; it is not enough that websites are just aesthetically appealing but they should also be functionally efficient.

Number of people that use the internet has increased tremendously and today consumers are very impatient. Consumers want to find the information they need within seconds after they land any given website. The overall user trend indicates that the average time spent by the internet users in each website has reduced drastically and it is continuing to reduce day by day. If businesses want to impress their customers they need to accomplish that within the given short time. So website design has to respond to this challenge in helping website owners impress their customers and sell the products and services within a short time.

HTML5 and CSS3


You can notice that newly designed websites use very little or no Flash elements. Website design is now focusing more on improving upon the loading time. HTML5 and CSS3 are gaining popularity. Flash is gradually being taken out of the picture as per the current trend Flash websites have no scope as more and more websites move towards HTML5 and CSS3.

Using Simple layouts


Another important design trend to be noticed is functionally appealing layouts. To fight the design overload on the consumers simpler website layouts are preferred. All the customers that shop online engage in comparison shopping. As a result they end up visiting numerous websites each time they setout to buy something online or to seek any information. Visiting websites with complicated designs tire their mind and when they reach a website with simple layout and simple design they feel relaxed and they are able to see the products and services that are offered. In other words complicated web design layouts and complicated web design elements rather than drawing the attention of the consumers online distracts them and tires them. The latest web design trend is therefore concentrating on presenting the products and services more effectively using simple color schemes and design schemes.

Design for small screen devices

Project 365 #263: 200910 ARM In Arm

Web design is also trying to cope with another great challenge these days which is to make websites usable in small screen devices such as smart phones and other hand held devices as 3G and 4G mobile internet facilities increase the use of mobile browsing. This again forces the web design industry come up with functionally efficient and user friendly websites. User pattern changes with the change of devices. People that use hand held devices to access websites will not be using pointing devices such as the mouse, rather the website are engaged through the use of touch screen. Here the user dynamics change obviously and web design has to respond to this changing dynamics. This again influences the website design industry to come up with simpler website design layouts.

Using Fonts

Pool of Knowledge

Web designers are also constantly making researches on the effective use of various fonts and font styles. Effective use of fonts breaks the monotony especially when the internet users engage in long hours of search and comparison.

It is important to be aware of the latest web design trends while designing your new website because these trends are based on the user expectations. These are not fixed or rigid elements but it will continue to change as many new web design technologies are introduced. It is a vicious circle because new technologies evolve to meet the changing needs of the customers. Ultimately the web design industry is trying continually to enhance the user experience.


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