What does qualifying leads mean?

Have you ever heard of the lead generation qualification process?

If the answer is no, it is about time to familiarize yourself with the concept as it can significantly improve your marketing efforts effectiveness.

Intuitively, you are aware that some of your leads are more willing to purchase, others a little bit less and the rest will never do it. Therefore, you need to reach each group with a slightly different promotional message. And here comes the lead generation qualification process.

What is lead generation qualification process?

Lead qualification is the process of categorizing leads taking into consideration the probability of making a purchase.

It allows you to find out which of your leads are true prospects – leads that have the potential of turning into your customers, and which only potential ones.

There are three basic categories of qualifying leads, such as:

  • hot (qualified) leads,
  • warm leads,
  • cold leads.

What are hot, warm and cold leads?

Hot leads

Hot leads refer to those who are already familiar with your brand and product. Moreover, you know that they are specifically looking for what you are offering and that they are about to purchase, but they need just one last trigger to finalize the transaction.

The last trigger can be an email from you with an enticement, a discount, a final offer or a contact from a sales person.

Warm leads

Warm leads are also familiar with your brand and they have already expressed their interest in your offer, but you feel they are not equally engaged and ready to be pushed for sales.

Although they may have expressed interest in your business by reading your articles, commenting on them, downloading your content or following you on social media channels, you still need to nurture the relationship with with them in order to turn them into customers.

Cold leads

Cold leads are those who haven’t had any previous experience neither with your business nor with your offer. Therefore, most likely they will not truly fancy being pushed for sales.

They may have come across your landing page, casually checked out your products or signed up to a newsletter, but you feel they are not truly promising. You can try to strengthen the relationship and engagement if you feel they have the potential, but it rather should be low-risk and low-commitment content that will allow you to get a better lay of the land.

As you can see, qualifying leads enables you to determine what marketing actions will work most efficiently on specific group of your leads.

The lead generation qualification process is a great concept that may assist you in increasing your sales and getting the best out of the leads you already have.

Nevertheless, if you still struggle to get any leads and constantly ask yourself “how I can create a landing page for free”, try to use a high quality landing page builder, create a cutting-edge one, collect leads and qualify them appropriately. And you will see the difference in the business performance.


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