Why is Cheap Website Hosting Right for Beginners?

Cheap website hosting is one of the best types for those new to owning and running a website. There are several reasons beginners should forgo free hosting and choose a cheap shared hosting account instead. Here’s a quick look at why this type of hosting makes the most sense.

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Free Hosting is a Rip Off

You may think free hosting is the best way to go because it’s free. However, just about everything that comes without a monetary price has a catch. Free hosting is no different and there are several catches.

When you choose free hosting:

  • You may have to display ads on your website for someone else without compensation
  • You may have to work within design limits
  • You may not get much space to work with
  • The load times will most likely be super slow
  • You may be put on a server with spammy sites making you vulnerable to hacks and viruses
  • You may not be able to use your own domain name
  • You may not own your website

You could wake up one day and find out the hosting company, along with all your website files, has disappeared

There are several catches when it comes to free hosting and it’s simply not worth it. Too many very good hosting companies offer cheap website hosting you can use instead.

Beginners are Still Learning

As a beginner, you need time to learn all about how hosting and running a website works. If you are spending $30 to $250 a month on expensive shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, you are spending far more than necessary, while you are learning.

It will take at least a solid six months to really get a grasp on how the basics of a website and of website hosting really work. Many veterans are still learning after many years of running a website and dealing with hosting companies.

Cheap Shared Hosting can be Very Powerful

Ten years ago, you would have never got the value for a $5 bill that you get today in the hosting industry. For $5 or less every month, you can get a shared website hosting account perfect for your website, blog or both.

There’s more value out there for your dollar with shared hosting than ever before. About 95% of all website owners will never need more than shared hosting in today’s world. However, it’s smart to choose a company with upgradable options, if you find you need more than best shared hosting in the future.

Cheap Website Hosting is Very Budget-Friendly

Beginners often start off as hobby bloggers. This means they are not running it like a business and they may be on a tight budget. Adding a $30 expense into the monthly budget may not make sense for a beginner to the blogging world.

With cheap blog hosting, you don’t have to spend $30 per month. Most will ask you to pay for 1, 2 or 3 years up front, but the payment is over and done with. After that, you don’t pay anything else until your contract is up for renewal.

Some of the best hosting companies will actually offer prices under $40 per year. This means, you can pay for one, two or three years now at this very low price and not have to worry about a new monthly expense in your budget.

When it comes to beginners, cheap hosting is the best choice. It’s far better than free hosting and it’s budget-friendly enough for the beginner to learn.


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