Why WordPress is a Good Choice for Your First Website?

WordPress is the platform to go for, if you are a beginner in website building. Why? First and foremost, it will help you learn many things that all site creators must go through. If you are wondering which to choose WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org then trust us at Howtohosting.Guide when we say that the .COM domain is the one to choose for your first site.

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Easy Interface and Many Functionalities

WordPress has different options for a website layout. Many of said options offer an easy-to-use interface. In turn, that helps people to browse faster and learn quickly how to complete various actions. Having chosen .COM, the easier one to manage, you will have the platform already installed. Next, you just need to select one of the many theme designs and get ready to begin publishing online.

In case you want more freedom and functionalities when you create your website you can choose the .ORG extension of the platform. But that will require more technical skills and you might need to hire a developer to tinker around the code. You might want to check a few tutorials beforehand, since you will also have to install WordPress if you go for this extension.


WordPress has paid plans which are labelled Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce. Customers will receive more customization options within the platform to apply to their website with each plan. If you want to run a shop, you are in the right place. You will have many options available from the get-go. You should go with the eCommerce plan after some time passes to make the feature of payment in over 60 countries available. The premium design for online stores included with the plan should draw more customers, too.

As a start for your website, you should go with the popular choice – the Premium plan. With such an intuitive platform and countless related guides on forums and video platforms alike, you should learn to use most of its basic features rather quickly. Premium gives you access to Google Analytics, which is a huge benefit to your Search Engine Optimization.

Being SEO Friendly

As mentioned, you should definitely pay for a plan. Any plan will remove the “WordPress.com” extension from your site name. That will be more SEO friendly and will help you rank your website higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. Having access to Google Analytics and running practical tests on content with it, will aid you to grow as well as ranking better.

The theme you choose is also important in getting more SEO-friendly. Having access to premium themes is a must. URLs should also be configured to be liked more by bots that are crawling pages and rank your website. This leads us to the more technical aspects of the SEO strategy.

Technical SEO is Easy and Intuitive

Building a website with WordPress might be easy, but maintaining it and making a business out of it is a tiny bit more complicated. The harder part is to know what to do and what to research. That is why this post is made to help guide you. This section will cover the absolute basics, so you should be fine with just them. Let us discuss implementing technical SEO tips that will vastly improve your experience and help rank your site on the first pages of the Internet.

First, although technical SEO sounds hard to do, it is easy. You should know that optimizing your pictures and uploading optimized media will save you from trouble. Not only your site will not become cluttered, it will load faster for you and your visitors, including bot-crawlers. That will improve your website SEO, too.

Second, consider that having a sitemap and an XML one is important. These are files that list all of your website pages in one place. This process is made easy with related plugins. Imagine you have to order a huge number of the same product in an abandoned house. Now imagine you have a detailed list of the whereabouts of every item. You will find everything with ease. Same is with Search Engines (like Google) and sitemaps.

Third, to have your site marked as optimized and that it posts relevant content, you need another crucial habit to be implemented on a regular basis. That is to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions. Page titles are the headline or main heading of a page, while meta descriptions are the little custom descriptions that appear in search results, right under the URL of a page.

As you see, technical SEO is easy and intuitive, although it requires research, practice and learning how to do things properly to have the best results possible.

Final Thoughts About the Platform

WordPress is a huge, popular and internationally used platform. It keeps growing at rapid rates and has plenty of themes, features, updates, plugins tools and functionalities coming to it for years to come. Large businesses prefer to use it for its easy setup and non-steep learning curve which makes it ideal and widely preferred over the competition. You should try it for yourself and see how good it is, regardless if you want to use it for commercial purposes, for a simple blog or to just test the waters.


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