New WordPress Design Trends Have Arrived! What are you Waiting For?

Kudos! You have chosen WordPress to become an online brand of your business domain. In last decade, WordPress has emerged as the synonym of virtual freedom and cost-effective online branding. People are registering their phenomenal successes in their distinguished business domains by using WordPress. Technically, it is an open source web content management system, which is apt for making all kinds of websites right from the usual ones to highly complex corporate websites. Its flexible nature for custom web designing and development help business owners in giving exclusive look & feel to their business websites. If you are not aware of WordPress related recent design trends then this post will be extremely helpful for you. You can get ideas from this post to make your WordPress site better from design point of view.

The Era of Responsive Themes

Responsive Website Design

You will certainly not be out of touch from concurrent touch based SmartPhone era. Business organizations are impressed with the unceasing growth in SmartPhone customers. They are adopting all needful technologies to enter in this new era of online branding. Nowadays, virtual customers are no more dependent on their PC’s and desktop computing devices; they are using multiple touch based SmartPhone devices to interact with their virtual resources. Therefore, a big circle of WordPress users are preferring to have a responsive layout in their websites, which can work seamlessly on all devices right from SmartPhones to tablets and from notebook/netbook to desktop computers. Such responsive layouts use different cascade style sheets to give pixel perfect look & feel at every viewing environment.

Headers Gone Fixed

While looking at recent design trends, you will see numerous sites with fixed headers. This design trend do not let the header go unnoticed when online visitor scroll down the site. It simplifies the navigation for online visitors and makes them able to reach on other pages without scrolling up the entire page. The resolution and size of website header will go as per the CSS.

One Page Designs


It is the most sensational design trend among all WordPress theme design trends. One-page designs do not make the customers compulsive for clicking again & again on page links to browse the complete site. This design trend also save the time of site viewers because complete site loads on visitor’s device at the first time. Therefore, the online visitors with slow internet connection can also access the site without any loading and speed related hurdles.

WordPress Has Gone Mobile

With the inception of touch based mobile devices, the WordPress sites have gone mobile. We have seen some sites that use separate mobile navigation strategy to help mobile visitors in viewing their sites in an easy manner.

Application of Large Photos

wordpress large photo

Unlike past, new age WordPress websites prefer to use large size photos in their sites. Such sites even display the contents of their sites over photographs. In simple words, the impactful large size images have replaced the iconic graphical designs. Apart from the use of photographs, you can also notice the application of cartoons, scriptures, and typography.
After going through with all these design trends, you will be feeling excited and full of ideas to give a new look & feel to your website. Such new design will help you in giving a momentum to your WordPress website.

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