Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Manipulating and Handling Images

Images are a part of your blog that can help you with the success or drag you down. If you just put ordinary text in your blog, no matter how compelling or well thought your post is, you won’t get that much attention to readers, as opposed to a blog which has a few captivating images in their posts. But the problem with uploading images to your blog is that everything is just so standard that you can’t tell the uniqueness of one blog to the other. Below are some of the best WordPress plugins which can help manipulate images.


The Frontpage-Slideshow plugin displays a professional slideshow in front of your WordPress blog. Every picture in the slideshow is clickable, thus, leading your users to its related post. Information of every post can be displayed, and there are also sliding transitions in between pictures for a sleek look.

WordPress ContentSlide

Use WordPress ContentSlide to create JQuery slideshows anywhere in the blog. This plugin is truly customizable. You can use it to feature your top posts, add banner advertisements, or link people to another website. The slide fades in and out which adds a more elegant style to your WordPress blog.

Featured Content Gallery

Featured Content Gallery transforms your standard blog into one professional looking photo gallery in which can be placed in a photo rotating image gallery or features posts.

Dynamic Content Gallery

This WordPress plugin creates a shot of your latest post or featured pages. The great thing about this plugin is its sleek and original look.


Flippingbook is one of the unique and by far the most excellent method of manipulating images in blogs. When you upload photos, this plugin creates a photo gallery similar similar to a book where you can flip each page one by one. This is one of the best way to show your photo album in a blog or compile your portfolios.


LighBox enlarges and overlays the images your visitor selected while dimming the background. LightBox2 has more features like its ability to group related images and has more visual effects.

JQuery Image Lazy Loader

JQuery Image Lazy Loader is a WordPress plugin which can help speed up the loading times of websites with a lot of pictures or images. Rather than loading all the images at once, this plugin loads the images one at a time, on top of each page first, then continues to load as the visitor scrolls down the website.

ShadowBox JS

ShadowBox JS is an ideal way to share external images or videos without guiding them away from your website. View external images, audio files and YouTube videos straight into your website.

DM Albums

DM Albums enlarges images to make it perfectly fit to the size of your blog rather than showing the images half the size of the screen. It is a perfect plugin to blogs that mostly post pictures rather than articles.

Freebie Images

If stock images are your thing then you can benefit from this WordPress plugin. Search through a wide selection of free and stock images which you can drag and drop to your WordPress blog.

What do you think of these plugins? Will it be able to help you manage and manipulate the way you display images in a blog?

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