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Having a built in search is extremely important for blogs with hundreds of archived posts. Even more important? Having a search box that’s displayed in an easy-to find post.There are a number of different wordpress Search plugins to use in your blog I collected a lot of them enjoy!


Google Search Plugins

Google Search for WordPress

Replaces WordPress Search with Google Search. You must abide by Google’s terms of use.

More from Google

Easily embed Google search results within your WordPress site, with the More from Google plugin.

Google Blog Search Preview

Google Blog Search Preview is a simple plugin for WordPress which displays incoming links from Google Blog Search.

Google Ajax Search

Adds a Google AJAX Search box on your site. Options include searching your site through Google Blog Search and/or straight up Google

Twitter Search Plugins


TwitterSearch allows users to keep track of twitter search terms from within their wordpress dashboard.


Displays the latest results based on a twitter search. Options include setting multiple search terms and limiting tweets shown.

Categories Search Plugins

Super Search

Generates a drop-down list and a text box to allow your visitors to search for posts within specific categories.

Search By Category

Reconfigures search results to display results based off of category of posts.

Category Search

Category Search adds the option to display category names in search results. Useful when you have a lot of categories.

Enhanced Search Form

Enhance wordpress search form to allow searching posts in certain category(s), month archive(s) or tag(s).

Gallery Search Plugins

NextGEN Gallery Search

NextGEN Gallery Search is a simple NextGEN addon that let you search within your galleries.

Other Search Plugins

Guest Blogger

Simplifies finding a guest blogger, searching for an interesting post and creating a guest account. Adding expert articles becomes real easy.

Search and Share – Text Selection

Get credit for your content. Whenever someone selects text on your site, your page title and URL will be included in the footer of the copied text.

WP e-Commerce Search Widget

Adds a Customizable Search Widget for WP-Ecommerce Products to give you more control over how the search box looks on your sidebar.

Q-Sensei Sidebar Widgets

This Plugin allows you to quickly and easily include the useful features of the Q-Sensei Search Engine directly into your blog.

Search Unleashed

Advanced WordPress search with wildcards, highlighting, log, and ability to search all post data. Now with Lucene!

Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Adds “live search” functionality to your WordPress site. Uses the built-in search and jQuery.

Search Meter

Search Meter tracks what your readers are searching for on your blog. View full details of recent searches or stats for the last day, week or month.

Real Estate Search

Real Estate Search plugin enables you to use browse through listings using tag combinations.


Relevanssi replaces the default search with a partial-match search that sorts results by relevance. It also indexes comments and shortcode content.

Search API

Search API is a set of functions that allows developers to easily implement new search functionality for WordPress.

Recent Searches Widget

This plugin shows recent searches in a sidebar widget.

Search Everything

Increases WordPress’ default search functionality through an options panel. Options include search highlight, searching pages, excerpts, attachments.

WP Custom Fields Search

This plugin allows multiple form inputs to be configured to search different aspects of a post including custom fields.


SearchEkko is a “related posts” widget that uses visitors’ search referral terms to find and present your best-matching posts.

Dave’s External Search

Widget that displays on your WordPress search results page with similar items from your Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter feeds.

Wowhead Sidebar Search

Put a Wowhead search box in your sidebar. Has configurable sizes and content.

Better Search

Replace the default WordPress search with a contextual search. Search results are sorted by relevancy.

Sphinx Search

Sphinx Search is a plugin that uses the Search API plugin and Sphinx as a backend for searching.


A plugin to let visitors search through your blog with the Ubiquity-Firefox-Addon.


wpSearchMu is a very powerful search plugin for WordPress Mu. It is based on the open source search engine “Lucene” which means its fast and relevant.

Search Regex

Search Regex adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress that go beyond the standard searching capabilities, with full regex supp

Quick Search

Quick Search add AJAX Search to your site

Search Plugin for browser

This plugin allows your visitors to easily install the search bar of your site in their browser.


WP AutoSuggest adds the Auto Suggest support to the WordPress search.

Highlight Search Terms

Lightweight search terms highlighter when referer is a search engine or within wp search results using jQuery.

Searchles Related Posts Widget

Display contextually related posts from your blog using the Searchles Discovery Platform.

Amazon Search

Lets you add links to Amazon using a special markup. Also includes an optional widget to search Amazon and display results in your blog.

Customizable Search Widget

Adds a Customizable Search Widget to give you more control over how the search box looks on your sidebar.

WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

This software replaces WordPress’s built-in search functionality with the Sphinx Search Engine, which gives high-performance, relevant search results.

Searchles Discovery Related Content

The Searchles Discovery Widget is a wrapper that displayes the Searchles Discovery Widget in the sidebar of a WordPress Blog.

Viewzi Site Search for WordPress

Add Viewzi Site Search to your Site.

Searchable Links

Turns values saved in the Searchable Links box of each post into links that when clicked, search your site for that specific value.

Google Custom Search Plugin

Google Custom Search plugin for WordPress replaces the default search engine with Google’s Custom Search for websites.


Add OpenSearch discovery and querying to your WordPress site.


wpSearch is a very powerful search plugin for WordPress. It is based on the open source search engine “Lucene” which means its fast and relevant.


Includes LiveSearch in your blog. Now Widgetized.

Search Permalink

Search Permalink redirects search form queries to cruft-free permalink URIs.

Lyric Wiki Search Widget

Adds a sidebar widget to search for song lyrics on the LyricWiki.org site.


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