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Typography : is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.Display typography is a potent element in graphic design,Designers often use typography to set a theme and mood in an advertisement; for example using bold, large text to convey a particular message to the reader.It is much better to use Plugins for Typography to enhance your blog (look and feel) and this plugins do the job for you.


Improve your web typography with: hyphenation, space control, intelligent character replacement, and CSS hooks.


AnyFont allows you to use any truetype or opentype font to replace plain text anywhere you want in your theme design.


Post Typographer

Adds non-breaking spaces, common spaces and dashes where needed. Works with English texts only.

Font Burner Control Panel

The Font Burner Plugin allows you to easily add Font Burner Fonts to your WordPress theme.



It’s normal typography plugin for WordPress.

Small caps

Encloses capitalized words within `abbr` tags, so that abbr tags could be styled to display small caps—for typographical effect.

Drop Caps

The Drop Caps plugin adds drop caps to your posts, pages and comments. It comes with some cool css styling and lots of options.

drop-caps screenshot 3

Bunny’s Print CSS

Inserts a link for a print stylesheet into your theme header. Provides a very simple print.css file that you probably want to improve.


This plugin allows Russian speaking blogers to use Art. Lebedev Studios “Typograf” to make their typography professional.

Shadowbox JS

Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media.


Theme options

This plugin manages theme customization. Everything is managed in the WordPress Backend. Code snippets can be activated, copied, created, deactivated, deleted, edited, and uploaded.

Smooth Slider

Smooth Slider adds a smooth content and image slideshow with customizable background and slide intervals to any location of your blog.


Gallery Shortcode Style to Head

Moves the gallery shortcode styles to the head so it doesn’t break XHTML validation.

Developer Formatter

Developer Formatter system to WordPress. Powered by GeSHi server-side highlight system.


Text Control

Take complete control of text formatting options on your blog: Formatting and encoding per post, globally on posts, and globally on comments.


Plugin provides syntax highlighting for about 116 programming languages via Geshi.

Code Snippet

Code Snippet is WordPress plugin for displaying code with highlighting in blog posts using the GeSHi engine.


WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting for embedding source code within pages or posts.


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