15 Mobile Advertising Tools that will Help You to Promote Your Business

In this world of continuously growing technology, mobile has their own level of growth. Along with it, relevance and importance of mobile marketing have been increased in many folds recently. Online business is at the top nowadays when it comes to the marketing tools for highest ROI. Mobile marketing is a major source of revenue generation and is helpful to all advertisers, publishers, and developers. There are certain mobile advertising tools that help you advertise your business on mobile and also with the help of proffesional SEO services available out there, online marketing can be done.

A mobile advertising tool is such a thing that no entrepreneur would ignore. Here, moving on in this blog, we have shown top 15 mobile advertising tools with the help of which you can promote your business on mobile devices.

mobile advertising tools


Yelp is an app that is mostly used by the customers on the move. Hence when marketing is done with this, it will help you increase your revenue. If your business is highly targeted on physical location, you must make sure that your information is up to date on Yelp. It is said to be one of the best marketing tools available out there. You can provide some incentive to your existing customers to give a review to your profile on Yelp as it would be the only way for you to gain potential customers. Reports say that Yelp review can make 5-9% increase in revenues of your store.


Kiip is a company that is known for advertising the brands on the mobile in such a way that customers love. This lets the brands to take advantage of the moments of the happiness while designing the website. For an example, a local restaurant can post an ad for free coupon code of buy one get one offer on the brand like domino’s website. This will let your customer click on your website as it is the moment of delight when a customer is searching for something to eat and you are providing them with a great offer. Reports say that Kiip advertisements have noticed 1.278% growth in awareness and 9% engagement rate.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook might be the first thing any marketer can think of for mobile advertising. As we know 60% of the facebook users use it from mobile. Yes! Advertising on Facebook can provide you higher returns on the investment. According to a report, click-through rates are 12 times higher on the mobile device than on a desktop. The reason for this can be the size of the screen of the mobile devices. Due to the small size, the device tends to attract more customers attention more than a desktop which is already containing a lot of tabs open.

Unity Ads

Unity Ads was launched in 2014. It works as premier ad monetization solution for mobile games. It is basically designed for advertising of mobile games and is focusing towards game developers and also helps them to advertise their games using video ads. Unity Ads will serve as a native video ads solution and also provide a perfect mobile ad platform for the game developers as well as advertisers. It supports both androids as well as iOS.


iAd is a platform which will help you promote their applications especially on mobile devices which are working with iOS. It contains various powerful features and tools like Web GL, which will let you create wonderful ads and reach the targeted audience. This app advertises your business on various iOS Apps. The app lets your ad provide a simplistic approach to the user and offers the flexibility to the user to choose the price. This ad format works the best to attract your targeted audience.


This is a platform enables advertisers and developers to get the most out of the mobile advertising. Maximum revenue is possible with this kind of ads. Due to competition per impression and various demand partners, it lets you increase your revenue with the help of beautiful ad format in the UX. This smartly advertises your product or services in a way that it can make the customers visit your website and make the buying.


Chartboost is a very popular mobile advertising app that helps you advertise mobile games. It is a mobile gamer’s acquisition company. It is a suitable platform for processes like cross promotion along with native ads, sophisticated targeting to the relevant audience and tracking. It also supports only android and iOS.  Advertising with this will let you boost your business and generate high-end sales for your business.


Airpush is a mobile advertising platform that caters only to the Android platform. Many of the well-known brands take the help of Airpush to advertise their product on the mobile devices. Advertisers and the owners have noticed a wonderful performance after joining this unique and intensive mobile advertising network. With this, you can have your ads published on the places with rich media ads which will let you earn high eCPM. This lets the advertisement published in the notification tray.

Google Admob Ads

As the name says, Google Admob is a platform managed by Google and is one of the biggest mobile ad networks. Google offers a lot of things to the advertisers when it comes to mobile marketing. You can easily download its SDK which provides relevant ads that will be displayed on the application of the website. It also offers the right to monitor dashboard and track your mobile traffic. It brings a huge amount of traffic to your website if done in a proper way.


StartApp is also one of the finest mobile ad networks. It provides you with the right to implement interstitial advertising. This platform is built upon the mutual principles which are given by the user and is taken from the user’s perspective. It allows an advertiser to build comprehensive users profile. It supports both android and iOS. This offers interesting solutions like animated ad walls and interstitial ads which aim at driving better engagement and increasing CTRs.


This is a very popular mobile ad network which provides CPC $ eCPM mobile ads. It is developed such that it provide most relevant ads according to the context of the mobile web page. It is especially known for providing high CPM advertisements. It will also let you keep a track of your ads performance with the help of analytics dashboard. Also, it provides a wide range of formats of mobile ads. It has an access to rich media ad library. Similar to Google Admob Ads, it’s SDK is also easier to integrate.

Apps Flyer

AppsFlyer helps marketers to keep track of their mobile ad campaigns held on various networks and publishers. It helps the owner to gain more insight into the mobile ads performance. This basically helps you when you have your own app to market. It will let you measure the user retention, offer API services and much more. With help of AppFlyer, you can measure user retention, i.e. in what time the user returns to your mobile app and this can help you work on the area where you are lacking. You can also get retargeting attribution, i.e. if a user becomes inactive on your mobile app, you can apply various remarketing strategies to get that user back.


This is working since 2007 and is an ad monetization platform. It is a well-known mobile acquisition company. This app lets you increase your revenue on all the users you already contain. It supports Android, iOS as well as Mobile Web. It offers various types of ad formats such as interstitial, offer wall, rewards and content lock. This is one of the few tools that support mobile web too. Not all the mobile advertising tools are supportive on Mobile Web.

Bing Mobile Ads

Whether you like the traditional way or modern way of marketing, Bing mobile advertising is a perfect advertising tool for your mobile app. With the help of this, you can target all the mobile devices relevant to your ad. This is one of the premier mobile advertising tools and is handled by Bing. They advertise your mobile app with the finest ways possible which will let you earn quality traffic which will convert surely into customers.


Criteo is an app that lets marketers deliver personalized ads on various mobile devices for their customer. They use certain technology to predict when the users are more likely to click on the particular ad. They can analyze the behaviour of the visitor and continuously increases the predictive analysis ability. They help businesses to launch targeted advertising campaigns on the right mobile app.

Mobile marketing is a wide and exclusive source to earn a high amount of ROI for every business. Reports say that people these days spend 25% of their time on mobile devices. But very few businesses work for the mobile marketing. Hope these helped you out to find out the most suitable mobile marketing tool for your business.

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