4 Highly Effective Strategies For Promoting Your Business Blog On Social Media

In the day and age we live in, promoting your business blog or website on social media is no longer an option. It has to be a core part of your overall marketing strategy.

The reason why social media will be such an important part of how you promote yourself and your business blog is because it provides you with the opportunity to directly engage with your target audience. With social media, you can bring attention to a particular issue, present your solution to that issue, and reach out to people who could benefit from your solution.

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Here are four highly effective strategies you can use to promote your business blog on social media:

  1. Find People To Connect With

Simply having social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for your blog will not be enough to draw in an audience. You have to actually go out and find people to become your audience.

The best way to do this is to find popular business groups that are relevant to the topic of your blog. Join these groups and become an active participant in them. Write thoughtful posts, ask questions in the comments, and request people to like your profile. Alternatively, you can always create your own group as well.

  1. Incorporate Relevant Keywords Into Your Posts

Just as you want to include popular keywords in your blog content to increase your rankings on search engines, so you will want to include keywords in your social media posts. This is because social media profiles will often rank in the results pages just like normal websites and blogs do, meaning that it’s possible for people to find your profiles through search engines alone.

An effective but little known trick you can try is to find out which keywords people are already typing into search engines to find your blog and then put those specific keywords into your social media content. An SEO site analyzer will generate reports for you telling you exactly what these keywords are.

  1. Include The Link To Your Blog On Each Of Your Profiles

The number one goal of your social media profiles should be to increase the general visibility of your blog. Therefore, you should include the link to your blog on each of your social media profiles, as well as in many of your posts.

Not every one of your posts needs to include the link to your blog, but a large percentage of them should. In addition, rather than just post the link on its own, use a call to action before it such as “check out my blog for more information” or “you can click here to learn more.”

  1. Be Active On Social Media

When it comes down to it, in order to utilize social media marketing effectively, you have to be active on it. Dedicate time each day just to social media where you update your profiles with new posts and engages with followers in the comments. Not only will your followers appreciate you posting on a daily basis, you’ll also gain even more followers with the more posts you publish.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Social media as a whole is a very powerful outlet for marketing and promotion, but only if you know how to use it effectively as the tips in this article have shown you.


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