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5 Ways to Discover the Affectivity of Your Logo Design

So, are you thinking of starting a business? Did you already start one? It is definitely the right mindset in the current economic environment as entrepreneurship has become a very popular phenomenon and the best entrepreneurs turn regularly their startup into a successful business.

There are some ingredients of a successful business operation and one of them is a logo. Yes, you do need an office, some stationery, perhaps some business cards and promotional items to create important professional contacts, but before all that, you need a logo.

Among all your design features, logo is the most important one since it dictates not just how your other design pieces will look but it is also the initiating element, the foundation, of your professional image and your future marketing & branding campaigns.

That is why it is extremely important to get yourself a logo that reflects all your business is about while also being accessible and memorable to the average consumer. You may utilize the color and design of your logo in such a way it conveys to the people what your company is all about.

If you are making a product designed towards men of a certain age, your logo should be communicating to their sensitivities and giving an image of being a perfect product for them. For example, a company that makes shaving razors should use colors that are more popular in men than women and use bold fonts to send their message across, which would be more appealing to men according to studies done over this subject. The same product will fail if it uses light colors and gives it soft and light undertones with its design.

These tips, inspired by the very best logos, will help you find yourself an effective and very successful logo.

1 – Your Logo should Be Simple.

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Simplicity is very important when it comes to logos, the more congested or convoluted your logo is; the harder it will get for the consumers to grasp what you are trying to tell them. Marketing expert Jonah Berger says, “A good way to think about simplicity is how many moving pieces there are in the logo, the easier it is to process things, the more we like those things.”

Apple is a very good example; they had a rainbow colored logo but after a time when their brand was established, they redesigned to make it to simple white, because every business wants a simple aesthetic that can be easily appreciated by people. Most of the best companies such as Nike, subway and Amazon have simple logos that have contributed immensely to their brand recognition and awareness by the general public.

2 – Your Logo Starts your Brand.

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When you design and select a logo, you are not only creating a symbol or image for your business, you are also starting a brand. It is the first step towards brand building.

In reality, brand is much more than a logo as it involves a host of other things related to your business but logo is the first thing that comes to the mind to the people when they think about their company or brand. So it is imperative that the design of your logo communicates to customers what your brand is all about in every way.

Amazon has the best logo to be used as an example in this case, their logo is just their name with an arrow pointing from A to Z, indicating they sell everything available to be sold. And that arrow is also a smile which represents their belief in friendly customer service, their logo simply tells all about Amazon. Hence, you should give serious thought to your brand’s key characteristics and their manifestation in your logo.

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3 – Your Logo should Be Memorable.


All the great logos are memorable and instantly recognizable. It will be easier for customers to recall a logo that they can remember and bring up in conversations, thus, increasing the word of mouth marketing that every business hopes for.

Effective use of colors and fonts are two of the most important components of a logo design and can certainly achieve this result. Another thing to make sure of it is to never ever get a logo similar to your competitors as it can kill your brand and you’ll lose all sorts of customers just because of confusion. It won’t be a memorable logo, but a confusing one.

4 – Your Logo should Be Worthy of a Remark.

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Remarkable logos get more word of mouth marketing which is very helpful for a business considering marketing point of view. Most logos are uninteresting and forgettable, if you can, in the words of Berger, cut through the clutter of your industry, you’ll make them feel and respond.

The startups are more in need of a remarkable logo, since they need to make a name and market for their products and services by distinguishing themselves from the rest. If you can do that, you have won half the battle against your competition. Established businesses may not require such a logo, but it is always better to have a logo that produces a response.

5 – You should Test your Logo in the Market.

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There are surveys services available on the web and otherwise where you can test the strength and effectiveness of your logo. You have to do more than just trusting your gut feelings. Besides some logo types are not suitable for certain businesses because of their nature or status, for example, it is considered a risky move for new ventures to go for an abstract logo design because it may not resonate well with the fact that you are literally an unknown entity.

If you have a logo of a certain type, from the so-called ‘types of logos’, you ought to test designs belonging some other types as well to see if any of them performs better than others in the surveys.

Also, always try and get the best possible professional services or your logo design. You may have a keen eye for design aesthetics and designing in general but professional designers understand if a logo would translate well to different services.

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