5 WordPress Plugins for Running a Successful Blog

The huge number of blogs out there speaks of the fact that people like to keep blogs and make their thoughts and ideas open to the World. Over the last several years the number of blogs increased dramatically targeting different goals and group of readers or audience. The purpose of having a blog differs from person to person. Some bloggers run a blog just to share some thoughts and interests, others run it for commercial purposes, for broadening the cycle of their network and overcoming boredom. A lot of people keep blogs as kind of a hobby and way of relaxation.


Whatever the goal of keeping a blog we wish it to be successful and involving. Those, who are serious about having a successful blog are more than welcomed to read about the best WordPress plugins which would be very useful to consider about.

Plugins are an important part of every blog. There are tons of them available at WordPress directory but not all of them will work for everyone. The plugins that I’m going to write about would pretty much fit to any web blog and will be the milestone of your online success.

Slider WD

Let me introduce Slider WD, a feature-rich WordPress slider plugin  that has everything to make your blog stand out. It has all the necessary features that you could ask from a slider plugin. Create sliders to show your content in the best way and attract readers. You can upload unlimited images and videos to your slides, add almost any type of layer and even multi-layer slides, add parallax and carousel effects to the slides and choose from other offered features available. All the features are customizable to every need.

Simple Social Buttons Adder

Social media plays a crucial role in spreading information to almost every corner of the World. Get your content shared and spread your message across with the help of Simple Social Buttons Adder plugin. It helps you integrate social sharing buttons to all of your posts and pages. You can add custom images to the buttons to go with your WordPress theme.

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is a perfect choice for the bloggers who like to create different events for their readers and showcase them in a professional and organized way. This WordPress calendar plugin truly responsive and looks good on just any device. It has a variety of event display modes and theme skins which can be customized based on your needs. Additionally you can create categories for events and venue lists, add social sharing buttons, integrate Google Maps and many more features. The PRO version comes with a lot of add-ons and integrations which will equip your calendar with additional functionalities.

Form Maker

If you want to add different kinds of highly responsive and user-friendly forms to your blog in just a few minutes then you are strongly advised to get WordPress Form Maker plugin. You can generate various kinds of forms and customize almost every feature. It is extremely easy to use and you don’t need any programming skills to make it work. Its FREE version allows you to create up to 7 field forms which can include simple text, password, address, name, email, numerical fields for numbers. You also have the possibility to change the form layout, customize the button styles,review it before adding to your blog and many other features. The PRO version enables you to add unlimited number of fields to your forms with the possibility to add PayPal and Upload fields,Google Maps API integration.

Related posts

Related posts plugin is a good fit for just any kind of blog. Providing your readers with links to the related content is sure to significantly improve your pageviews. It helps you provide related post links to your readers so that they can discover related content they might be interested. In-text links are great for SEO perspectives as well. You can also help your readers find other great blogs with related articles.

To round up, these are my personal recommendations for plugins that, in my opinion, would fit any web blog and be beneficial for every blogger regardless of the targeted group of readers and the goal of the web blog.

Author : Gayane Mar

Bio: Gayane is a passionate web-blogger who started her blogging activity a few years ago. My posts are all about web design and web development. She writes all these posts for good people who need some guidance or advice with web development. The driving force behind her writings is the great hope that her blog posts would be helpful for each and every one reading them.


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