All You Should Know About Hong Kong Personal Statement in 2019: Length, Structure, What to Include

At one point in time; you will require to write a personal statement. Be it for a postgraduate study, internship or job opportunity. As a global hub for trade, logistics, and Commerce; Hong Kong is among the popular destinations, students consider when they contemplate studying abroad.

Its diverse history where the West meets East makes it an attractive study destination. Not to mention the quality of education and experience the opportunity provides. Therefore, considering the stiff competition; your Hong Kong personal statement has to be without a doubt, persuasive and impressive.

How long should your Personal Statement be?

The admissions committee make the final decision on who gets a place in a particular program. These are the people you need to impress, and not necessarily, using technical images.

It is almost similar the way you would craft a personal statement for a program in other countries. That is, you need to read through the given guidelines and abide by it. Instructions may differ from one university to another.

It also applies to the ideal length of the material. For example, the MBA program for HKUST requests potential candidates to submit two essays. As for HKU, the maximum number of words allowed is 1000.

Therefore, your essay needs to conform to the stipulated word or page restrictions.

What about the Structure of the Hong Kong Personal Statement?

When you need to write a personal statement, view it as a snapshot of who you are. It’s the chance for you to invite the reader to desire to know you. It is an opportunity for meaningful self-reflection.

Most often than not, you will need to include the following:

  • Your skills and experience
  • Motivation
  • Future goals

It is not a regurgitation of your resume but in narrative form. It should reveal something more which the resume, doesn’t show about you.

Once more we reiterate the importance of following given guidelines or instructions. Provide answers to the given prompts, if any. Also, if the instructions ask you to stick to a specified format, please do so.

Things to do in writing a Personal Statement

  • Discern the criteria of given questions

For every given prompt, please read it carefully and determine the suitable way to respond to it. It may be a broad or concrete statement. If the prompt has different criteria embedded, you may need to break your answer into paragraphs.

The reader should be able to find a response to each criterion.

  • Attention-grabbing Introduction

Your opening needs to give the reader a clear context that what you are talking about has motivational meaning. It could be in the form of a narrative or an inspiring quote. It’s your first and probably the only shot at getting the attention of the reader.

Make it count.

  • Show don’t tell

Use the subsequent paragraphs to highlight your attributes. Pin-point the specific skills you may have gained, and especially those valued in your discipline. Show confidence in demonstrating your positive features, too.

Also, try to avoid generalizations.

Before submitting your Statement

Go through any given prompts and ensure that you have provided comprehensive answers to them. Check for Grammar or spelling errors and make the necessary corrections. Read through the instructions and ensure that the final document abides by each guideline provided.

If you need the help of a title capitalization checker, then, make good use of it. All in all, you should be confident and exude a positive attitude in what you write.


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