Digital Marketing For Movers: Perfecting Your Strategy To Get Business Moving In The Right Direction

Owning a business comes with a unique set of challenges. Once you’ve created a product or service that is beneficial to your target demographic, you need to get consumers in the door — or rather, in the case of moving companies, help them get out of theirs.

Generating profitable leads is the crux of all marketing strategies and is, unsurprisingly, necessary for success. In this digital age, however, you can no longer post an ad in the newspaper and sit back as the calls roll in; establishing yourself online is a must. Here are three online marketing methods that can make a world of difference to your moving company.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

Consider your clients: they’re looking to make a move, whether big or small, and need help getting from point A to point B. The Internet is one of the most powerful tools available to consumers, providing a wealth of information at their very fingertips — if you want your company to be the solution to their problem, you’ve got to ensure that your site is not only visible on Google’s millions of displayed results, but that it’s relevant as well.

Search engine optimization (SEO) does this by utilizing important keywords, producing content that potential leads would find useful (such as handy moving guides), and building links to your site from other reputable web pages. When implemented correctly, SEO can help your company increase its brand awareness and reach more people online.

Shout It Out On Social Media

Social media is a behemoth in today’s society: around 72% of adult Internet users are on Facebook, and that’s only one platform. With Twitter and Instagram boasting their own impressive user numbers, it is simply vital that you establish a social media presence.

Social media works to the benefit of moving companies and packing services by connecting them directly to their demographic; with a relatively minimal amount of effort, you can interact with customers to find out what they look for when choosing a mover and what frustrates them, all while building your own brand. The amount of information you receive from such campaigns allows you to tailor your business to the desires and needs of your customers.

Create A Truly Responsive Web Design

While “responsive” applies to interactivity, we also mean it in the literal sense: it has been estimated that 65% of Internet users are unwilling to wait more than three seconds for a website to load. Your site is the first thing potential customers will see and experience when searching for a moving company that suits their needs; you simply must ensure that it’s technologically optimized for both mobile and desktop users to prevent them from choosing a competitor.

Of course, appearances matter too — your website should captivate as much as provide a service. Make sure to balance text and images, offer instructional videos (also known as explainer videos) when necessary, and, if possible, include a quote calculator. The quote calculator embodies all of the benefits of a positive first impression: customers will be introduced to the nuances of your pricing and will be able to get a feel for your business by playing around with options.

So, skip the newspaper ads and invest in digital marketing; the results will speak for themselves.


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