Need To Buy or Sell A Logo ASAP?

Not every web designer has a graphic design background. An even smaller number have a specialised skillset in identity or logo design. So what to do if your client asks to design them a logo in the course of your relationship, and you’re time-poor and not a graphic designer to boot? You could attempt the design yourself, and this might suffice as a placeholder within the design. There is an alternative if you want to deliver a top job for your client – head to a ready-made logo marketplace that offers premium creative logo designs for sale.


You might not now but recently the world’s biggest logo marketplace was acquired by DesignCrowd. It’s since been relaunched as BrandCrowd a marketplace for designers looking to sell any unused logos and for anyone hunting for a logo design.

It’s a repository of high quality unused designs offering a great experience for buyers and sellers:

  1. Only high-quality designs are displayed so buyers browse through a well-designed set of logos organised into keyword and industry categories.
  2. Designers focus on creativity (no client driven briefs).

faves (more…)

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Interview with wildlife Photographer

Interview with two brothers from the UK specializing in wildlife photography. Enjoy!

wildlife Photographer

1. Please tell us a few words about you guys!

Hi, we’re Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas, two wildlife photographer brothers from the UK. We’ve been taking photographs for about 6 or 7 years. We try to come up with innovative ways to photograph our subjects and often travel abroad to do so. Teamwork is a large part of our success, and many of our favourite shots wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t been working together. We have a popular website and blog at (more…)

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23 Cool Brochure Printing Examples

Brochure is the best effective promotional tool that can explain your business. It could be a perfect way for marketing or advertising and making a good first impression. There are many brochure printing companies that offer several common and unique features to their customers and also there are many brochure templates available on the internet. I have collected many of the best brochures samples being used by some companies. Enjoy!

You can also check some premium Brochures here.

23 Cool Brochure Printing Examples

Graphic Farmers Market Brochure
Graphic Farmers Market Brochure (more…)

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32 Unique Business Card Designs

A business card can be a very important way to bring a unique and very memorable look to a company or brand. A unique Business card can work wonders for your business firm. In this roundup we have collected 32 unique business card designs. Looking for your comment and share!

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55 Delicious Examples of Food Photography

Food photography is a very interesting art in taking creative pictures and angles shots of food. This is a kind of advertising and commercial photography, it needs a combination of vision and technical expertise. You will see in this post some photographs of various delicious food dishes. Enjoy!

Food Photography (more…)

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Win the Ultra bundle of Creative Items worth $1300 – 96% off

Today we have an awesome giveaway from the best deals website for creative professionals As you know, bundlethere are many deals site and most do not offer any value. Deals2have always has 5-10 deals every week, so there would always be something you would like. The deals are highly discounted, sometimes as much as 90% off the retail price!

In this giveaway, you have the chance to win 1 of 3 great prizes, with the first prize being the Ultra bundle with over $1300 worth of creative items and the two runner-ups getting a copy of Photoshop mega styles collection worth $59 each.

Read on for more details on how to participate in this amazing contest!

How to participate:

Enter your email address in this form. By doing this, you will be automatically subscribed to the Deals2have newsletter. Don’t worry they only send one email weekly with all the new deals. (more…)

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Subverting PopCulture: Movements against the Rise of Photography

The 20th century marked the rise of photography.It was during this time that photography has become widely recognized as a commercial service. It was used for taking scenic landscapes and family pictures – both of which, prior to the invention of the camera, were commissioned to artists.

Photographs became so popular that they overshadowed the artists of the time. This prompted artists to create a movement that discussed cultural and traditional art implications of technology, media and advertising to the society. It was during the mid- and late-1950s that we saw the rise of Pop Art and Photorealism. (more…)

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Responsive Web Design – Does Your Site Still Look Good?

Responsive web design is quite simply the coding of a website in order that it presents itself in a different format, layout or scale depending on the available browser window on the device it is being viewed on. For example having sidebars vanish and reappear below the content, menus become easier to ‘click’ with a big finger on a small mobile screen and even images and fonts might adjust to fit the new screen size.

responsive web design (more…)

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Facebook Page Themes WordPress plugin

Facebook Page Themes is a premium WordPress plugin that connects Facebook Fan Pages with WordPress Administration Panel. A lot of people use Custom designed fan pages these days and since WordPress is the most popular platform CMS out there, this is a very convenient way of managing your Facebook Fan Page.

Plugin currently has five predesigned Templates that you can customize through the admin area. Themes follow a basic structure which includes home page with slider, portfolio, contact form and blog section which picks your latest blog posts from WordPress and displays them on your Facebook Page. This is the feature that people like the most since it will keep your Fan Page updated with your latest news / posts.

Facebook Page Themes


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Over $1200 Worth of Design Goodies for only $49 on! is officially kicking off the upcoming holiday season with a huge Bundle of Design Goodies! Starting this Cyber Monday they are taking the concept of “bundle” to a higher level of awesomeness! So be prepared for a whole week of high-end Design Resources at the fabulous price of only $49!

Save tons of time and money with Inky’s Bundle packed with design goodies such as WordPress themes, web resources, vector resources, Photoshop actions, textures, brushes sets, t-shirt designs, fonts and much more! All the resources included in the bundle are worth over $1200! And you can get them for only $49 – you save big time!

inkydeals (more…)

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56 Free Leather Textures

Textures can be a good way to enhance your design and graphic art. Leather textures are useful for Layering your clothes, dining furniture and can be used to create wonders in interior design. In this post we’ve present 56 Free Leather Textures. Enjoy!

You can also check some premium Textures here.

56 Free Leather Textures

Leather Texture Book Cover
Leather Texture Book Cover, Spain 1929 (more…)

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