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Not every web designer has a graphic design background. An even smaller number have a specialised skillset in identity or logo design. So what to do if your client asks to design them a logo in the course of your relationship, and you’re time-poor and not a graphic designer to boot? You could attempt the design yourself, and this might suffice as a placeholder within the design. There is an alternative if you want to deliver a top job for your client – head to a ready-made logo marketplace that offers premium creative logo designs for sale.


You might not now but recently the world’s biggest logo marketplace was acquired by DesignCrowd. It’s since been relaunched as BrandCrowd a marketplace for designers looking to sell any unused logos and for anyone hunting for a logo design.

It’s a repository of high quality unused designs offering a great experience for buyers and sellers:

  1. Only high-quality designs are displayed so buyers browse through a well-designed set of logos organised into keyword and industry categories.
  2. Designers focus on creativity (no client driven briefs).


Selling Logos

The process to sell logo designs  is clearly communicated to the user.

  1. Set up and account.
  2. Upload your designs with a short describing the context of use you recommend.
  3. The BrandCrowdteam places them under the most suitable categories so buyers can find them easily.
  4. Bam! Your designs are on sale.

Logo Design Set

Free Exposure & Feedback

The user profile also functions as a portfolio of items for sale where your designs are listed and the price you’ve set is displayed to the user.

BrandCrowd offers designers an opportunity to earn passive income from side projects uninhibited by a client. Designers get a profile, which gives their designs decent free exposure to a large global design and business audience.

Quality designs – There are a lot of well-known designers like Siah Design that use BrandCrowd.  The submission process for uploading designs for sale requires that BrandCrowd’s team of in-house designers assess each design. If a design is rejected, designers are sent explanations and feedback and they can resubmit the logo. This hands-on feedback keeps the standard of designs appearing on the site high. Freelance logo designer, James Bruno, said the direct feedback on his designs by the BrandCrowd team was really helpful:

Listing items is completely free and BrandCrowd only gets a commission when there is a sale. After each sale, the company contacts buyers to verify the purchase, which means logos are protected.

Modifying Designs – BrandCrowd have made it simple for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other on the site. Sellers can receive alternative offers from buyers (they don’t have to accept the offer) and buyers can request modifications to the existing design.

Buying Logos

It’s easy to buy logos, by browsing logos, that you can filter with keywords (for example: check the web design logos). There are literally tens of thousands of unique unused designs available. When you find the logo you want select the item and proceed to buy it. The logo cannot be resold to another buyer. (See below for how to resell a logo privately). You will receive the vector files and can make any file changes you like.


Re-selling / Privacy

This feature is available to buyers (such as web design agencies) to allow them to make a purchased logo hidden or private. This helps you to a) re-sell logos (potentially with a margin) or b) hide the logo for your own business so that people don’t know where you got it from (or perhaps so that they don’t know you didn’t design it yourself).


The buying and selling experience is solid. Designers unlock the value of any used logo designs (they get paid and get free exposure). It’s a great place to find inspiration for your next logo project and to buy a logo for you (or your clients).

BrandCrowd used to be Brandstack, which set a new benchmark for logo design marketplaces. BrandCrowd seems intent on exceeding Brandstack as a top of mind destination for unused logo designs.


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