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The most amazing logo design competition

As we live in the age of information, it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are starting to lookout for elements that could help them create their brand. The online...


Free Icon Fonts and Tutorials

Fonts are the way to present your content and also your design. In this roundup we have collected some icon fonts to download and also some tutorials. Enjoy!! Free Icon Fonts Web Symbols font


Diablo 3 Free WordPress PSD Template

Have you heard Diablo is making his vicious way to us? Of course you have! Yes, evil forces will rise again, and it’s up to us to save the Earth and the souls of...


Android: So easy, even an Elephant can use it

The Galaxy Note is a large phone, a very large phone. So much so that Samsung’s newest advert features the phone being used by an elephant. In the adorable video (posted below), Peter the...


Zurker great features and ideas

When two are fighting one against other, an old saying teaches us that a third one may win. Applied into the world of social networks, the fight between Facebook and Google+ may be the...


Freebie: Stone and Rock Textures

Today we’re giving away an exclusive Stones & Rocks Texture Pack for skyje readers from TextureQualityPro. The pack is about 5 high resolution pictures of various stones you can use as textures or backgrounds. Every photo...


13 Amazing Logos With Negative Space

Using negative space in logo design is increasingly gaining popularity among logo design artists. Logo designer should know how to handle positive and negative space effectively. In this roundup we are featuring some negative...


GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar Review

If you need to associate the Internet with some words to describe it clearly, information, social networks or marketing are some of these. Willing or not, the online environment is turning into “another” realm...


15 Free Old Paper Texture

Old paper textures are a great way of placing value onto your design. Old paper textures can be used for different purposes like backgrounds, wallpapers and covers. Using paper textures will add a lovely...


Five Ways to Fail Your Way to Success

“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” – Morihei Ueshiba Those Agile methods that you apply to the development cycle don’t just work for the production of code. According to...


The advanced Google algorithm as it is today

Google is good for many things and providing users with the most relevant and quality results quickly is one of them. But we owe it all to their complex algorithm that is being changed...