44 Beautiful Flickr Photos of Winter Landscapes

Winter is a solemn and quiet time of the year. Yet it is powerful for emotional growth and stability. Thus winter photography follows the same path and endows you into a peaceful, serene concentration. I am often very inspired by the looks of winter scenery. And our gallery including 44 amazing photographs of winter landscapes should leave you inspired and looking for more!

Winter Landscape

Winter Landscapes


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30 Exciting New iPhone 4 Retina Display Wallpapers

We can all admit the iPhone 4 is an amazing piece of technology. And for those of us with the latest model it may be difficult to find a decent set of wallpapers. There are so many great options to choose from. And with the retina display almost all images and photos look pristine.

New iPhone 4 Retina Display Wallpapers

Below I have collected 30 examples of great iPhone 4 Retina Display wallpapers. These are all free to download directly to your device and you can even choose between legacy sizes (320×480) and the new HD retina display(640×960). If you have similar examples feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

Statue of Liberty

iphone wallpaper


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28 Astonishing Letterhead Print & Logo Designs

Print design can be a tricky area. You have to consider a lot of specifications and typography styles before sitting down at the computer. However some of the best designers are able to create entire brands around a single company image. Below is a gallery of 28 fantastic examples of letterhead design in print work. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Neublok Branding



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29 Vagrant Illustrator Brushes for Digital Artists

Illustrator Brushes are very useful for designers. With the popularity Adobe has built over the years they are certainly a very popular development company. Adobe Illustrator in particular is a fantastic tool for icon and logo designers. And when you incorporate the many brush sets to be found around the web, the possibilities are limitless! Our 29 examples of brush sets here should be perfect for every graphics designer.

High Quality Paintbrushes

Illustrator Brushes


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25 HDR Photographs of Cool Cars

There are some very inspiring works of HDR photography of cool cars on Flickr. It’s a huge community full of amateur and professionals alike. And with cars on display there are certainly some amazing techniques being utilized. Our gallery of 25 cool cars should get you thrilled for the HDR movement. If you have similar photos or know of other great artists, feel free to leave links in the discussion area below.

car HDR

cool cars


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17 Examples of Time Saving jQuery Code & Tutorials

Web developers are in love with jQuery. The team has created an extremely solid framework from which anybody can build frontend tools and web apps in just a few hours. And with the addition of free plugins and community support, almost anything is possible! Check out some of our time saving  jQuery examples below, including free code and tutorial articles from all around the web.

Vertical Ticker jQuery Plugin

jquery examples


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Ultimate Collection of Web Development CSS Frameworks

Some of the most popular open source systems today have been built with common frameworks. The first line of code to garner its own set of frameworks was JavaScript, namely jQuery and MooTools. However as web design has matured we’ve seen a vast introduction into CSS frameworks.

These tools are immensely powerful and should be considered when first starting on any web project. There are CSS resets and powerful frameworks for almost anything you may need! Resetting page grids, web fonts, scalar and graphics, and plenty of other niches.

Consider the collection below if you’re entering work on a new web project. Both designers and developers can benefit in use of these frameworks with time and money. Everything is free to download and manipulate at will, so long as proper credit is given to each author. This is our ultimate collection of CSS frameworks!


CSS Frameworks (more…)

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55 Refreshing iPhone Themes and Icon Sets

For those folks familiar with Apple technology you’ll notice how sophisticated UIs have become. Interfaces have been evolving with each release and now we’re at the point of iPads and iPhone’s in every home. These devices are capable of running amazing apps, Internet browsing, SMS messaging and so much more.

The colorful part of these designs allow users to decorate their devices. Themes and icon sets are free to download from many sources throughout the web. The installation process isn’t a walk in the park. However if you do understand the internal workings iPhone themes can provide amazing opportunities for customization.

55 Refreshing iPhone Themes and Icon Sets

Check out the great collection of 55 themes I’ve included below. These all work for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. All themes contain unique icons and wallpapers, while some include sophisticated UI replacements across the board. If you’d like to find more we offer a great set of apps for website designers and developers.

Matte Nano

Icon Sets (more…)

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33 SEO and SEM Blogs Every Webmaster Should Read

Blogging has become the newest tool of the 21st century Internet. It’s easier than ever before to communicate with friends and share vital information. As blogs have advanced we can now see powerful digital magazines which offer articles at the rate of any great new source.

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful process to help webmasters get their blogs ranking for search terms. Search Engine Marketing provides a similar method of link building by creating tons of backlinks onto your site. This can be accomplished through social media outlets such as Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and Pligg websites.

If you’re new to SEO or just looking to pick up some great tricks I recommend checking out some of the blogs listed below. Many are running off WordPress and hold interactive comments sections, as well as top rated articles and RSS feeds. Similarly feel free to share any related SEO resources in the comments below.


SEO blog (more…)

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44 Photographs of Collapse and Urban Decay

Powerful photography is able to invoke emotions like nothing else. Designers are especially affected by these and should take note of inspirational connections. If you’re a fan of urban and city lifestyles then urban decay is a fabulous category of photographs.

Like never before we have a society with older buildings and even more ancient histories. The heritage of our human race has carried on for thousands of years. Yet our evolution as a society has led us to the current state of affairs worldwide. Urban decay photography focuses on the collapsing morals of our societal fiber.

I’ve included 44 amazing examples of decaying photography. If you know of similar examples or great photographers please feel free to share your links below. I often derive powerful feelings of creativity and jolts of energy from such detailed collections.

Urban decay in Tacoma

Urban Decay (more…)

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35 Web and Graphics Designers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter has become the de-facto communication tool for many Internet-based professions. Web designers, programmers, webmasters, and all types of artists are happy to share their thoughts and project details with the world. These materials are often very helpful for newbies into the regime.

If you thoroughly enjoy social networking then you should be using Twitter. All your favorite celebrities are probably tweeting often. This includes Internet celebs such as famous design firms and digital artists. I often find very inspiring articles being shared around the Twitterverse every day.

Below I’ve compiled a brief collection of 35 fantastic designers to follow. Each of them provide updates often and could provide amazing networking opportunities. If you’ve got a twitter account I highly recommend checking a few of the profiles I’ve previewed.

CSS Globe

twitter (more…)

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30 Vibrant Examples of Purple Website Design

Trends in web design have been changing even faster with the passing weeks. More specifically vibrant artwork and colors have taken the reigns and provide amazing detail for designers. If you’ve been following the current design trends you’ll notice how popular single colors have become.

Purple is among the highest in popular colors. It provides a scent of royalty and passion no matter what artistic work it’s in. Purple along with black and white muted elements will stand out even more and provides the perfect color scheme for a new-age website. Common examples include design studios and freelancer’s personal pages.

Included in the list below are many varying types of purple-themed website layouts. These collections span the entire world and include designs from very talented artists. If you know of similar purple websites please share your resources in the discussion section below!

Wilson Miner

Web Design (more…)

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Simple Time-Saving Photoshop Actions from Around the Web

As we’ve written before Adobe Photoshop is truly the premiere software suite for graphic designers. Website mockups can be created in a few hours time with full details and page graphics. Truly Photoshop has revolutionized the way web designers can work!

One of the lesser known features inside Photoshop is the ability to save and insert Actions. These are specific events which you can save and re-play over and over on project work. They are useful for creating repeating patterns, cropping images, applying text effects, and so much more!

As a true Adobe fan I love what they’ve done with actions in CS5. Below I’ve built a quick catalog of amazing Photoshop actions from all around the web. These can be useful for almost any designer willing to spend some time practicing. Check ’em out below!


Photoshop Actions #142


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Amazing Grunge Fonts for Progressive Web Design

The web is constantly advancing at a quicker pace than ever before. We’re seeing new articles updated almost instantly and social networks in alpha/beta stage are popping up every day. San Francisco is booming with the tech industry as we speak!

Grunge is one of the many common themes used in digital artwork. The scene first exploded with posters and print art gaining attention. On a similar scale graphic designers have been creating signatures and avatars on forums for over a decade. The grunge style plays deep into this form of art.

Grunge fonts can apply well with almost any website design. The font choices used between your site logo and page text will in effect display a very certain position between you and your visitors. I recommend checking out a few of the fonts below and playing around in Creative Suite to see what can be made!

1942 Report

Grunge Fonts (more…)

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