30 Free Top Priority PSD Graphics Files

Adobe Photoshop has allowed web and graphics designers to create amazing bits of artwork. The digital era is booming in full-swing with new creations launching every week. Web startups are the latest hit, but it’s not easy climbing the ranks and reaching top-tier status.

Of the many graphic artists around today most are running weblogs and update frequently. Twitter streams are flooded with design-related news and downloads 24 hours a day. PSD graphics are some of the most popular resources including vector art, icon sets, and other layout pieces.

Below is a collection of some outstanding graphics files free for download. Any highly developed web designer will be drooling to access the many free options! Notably most of these files are backwards-compatible upwards of Photoshop CS2. Although some are set to newer creative suites and may have strange rendering issues when imported into an older version.

Windows 7 Box

PSD (more…)

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52 Free Awesome GIMP Brushes for Graphic Designers

As an open source platform for designing web graphics GIMP includes much of the same functionality as Adobe Photoshop. You may download actions, icons, vectors, patterns, and many others file types for the software. It’s been in development for many years now and is utilized by countless designers across the world.

If you’re like many of the graphic designers or students seeking an online graphic design degree out there today , you aren’t able to afford Photoshop . And although there are plenty of other ways to obtain such graphics software, Adobe does staple a hefty price tag to their creative suite. Luckily GIMP is one extraordinary exception to the rule.

GIMP Brushes for Graphic Designers

GIMP: Floral I

GIMP Brushes (more…)

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25 Best Web Fonts for Sophisticated Typography

For the more classy website designers out there we need a strong collection of inspiration. Fancy lettering and page layouts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to professional website design. Although font choice is extremely important, what you do with that font will ultimately affect your website’s role in the World Wide Web.

Below I’ve collected a small amount of digital fonts for sophisticated website designers. These may be used in unison with tons of layout styles such as vintage and letterpress. Professional businesses are often trying to portray a message of sophistication and brilliance. This can be easily exhumed with the proper font choice.

Peruse the brief gallery I’ve set up below and please check out anything which catches your eye. I often feel very comfortable downloading multiple fonts and switching between them for a best feeling. Your visitors will get the same feeling and may feel more comfortable within the confines of your site.


Typography Fonts (more…)

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49 Brilliant Pieces of HDR Photography

Photographs are some of the most inspirational pieces of artwork. Today we see these galleries sewn throughout blogs and magazines everywhere. They can affect our psyche and blossom into amazing creations if we allow so.

The gallery below includes some fantastic examples of HDR photography. This style of imagery stems from HDRI photographs. Or in full high dynamic range imaging which allows photographers to include dynamic ranges of luminescence. This means lighter and darker areas are able to stand out in ways otherwise not commonly noticed.

The art gallery below includes some amazing examples of this technique. If you are familiar with HDR photography then you’ll certainly find this gallery to be inspirational and heartfelt. If you know of any similar photographs or photographers feel free to include these links in the comments below.

Golden Gate Bridge

HDR Photography (more…)

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Digital Web Copy Layouts and Typography Inspiration

The study of typography is a grand subject which breaks down into many components on a website. User experience and layout mechanics is what keeps designers studying blocks of paragraphs. Digital text is our latest pioneer as a race and shows how much can be accomplished through science and innovation.

For web designers new and old alike I’ve shared a strong collection of typography from around the web. Below I’ve added over 40 websites which demonstrate unique and inspirational examples of digital type. These include menu components, headings and paragraphs, item lists, sidebar widgets, webpage footers, and much more!

Ordering such a large collection of digital web copy into one gallery should bring about great strides in creativity. Web designers are often looking for the greatest trends to sweep their project work through the roof. Page text makes up most of your website content and thus requires careful attention to detail.

Area 17


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Examples and Trends with Single Page Web Design

Throughout the past few years many trends have emerged on the web. Single page designs are some of the most popular and have shown up time and time again. More recently designers have begun creating single page website layouts as usability and user experience has dramatically improved.

By utilizing simple jQuery effects or Flash animations it’s simple to scroll through single page templates. Authors may place all their information on 1 page which makes updating a breeze! SEO issues can arise with Google passing up page indexes, so be sure to offer an alternative for non-JavaScript visitors. If you haven’t messed around with this system much these trends will surely give you a kick start!

Below I’ve included some great websites which showcase the newest trends in single page design. Minimalism is shined down upon from audiences globally. Many futuristic companies and food chains have found the single-page setup lightning fast – almost incomparable to standard HTML5 web pages!

Bullet PR


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Use of Vector Animals as Mascots in Website Design

The Adobe graphics design suite offers amazing tools for creating vector art. These vectors can be used as web page backgrounds, small UI icons, or even mascot artwork. There are countless companies represented by animals mascots which can be represented in vector art form.

This case holds especially true with today’s new telecommunications which allow designers to share their art over the Internet. Small startups are hatching every day out of Silicon Valley and have continued to show great strength in creativity. Animal mascots are some of the most memorable objects when it comes to branding purposes.

Below I’ve compiled a great set of websites using vector animals throughout the page. Often these line up as mascots or extras in a logo. Sometimes you’ll also see vector animals sewn throughout the page sidebar or footer. Check out our Illustrator logo design tutorials if you’re interested in creating them yourself!

Similarly there are tons of freebies offered in popular design magazines. These include vector illustrations licensed under Creative Commons and open to the general public.



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20 WordPress Code Snippets for Constructive Web Developers

Over the years WordPress has grown into the most popular CMS via the Internet. Its open source status coupled with a deeply committed development team has proven to advance quickly. And with even more web developers starting out today the community has risen dramatically.

Below I’ve collected a set of 20 awesome WordPress code snippets for all users to enjoy. Web developers will especially enjoy the collection as customizing WordPress has never been easier! I recommend applying only the bits of code you would need, and also ensure you add one at a time to avoid any rushed mistakes. (more…)

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Beautiful Collection of Easter Themed Dribbble Shots

Easter of 2011 has just passed and with some great inspiration for designers. From the many networks available there are tons of freelance artists showcasing their work. None stand out greater than Dribbble which features some amazing talent.

Below I’ve included some Dribbble shots focused on the Easter holiday. Some are designs for postcards or e-mail templates. Others are just cute vector bunnies and Easter eggs. But either way the talent is extraordinary and I find great inspiration from these sets!

Easter flower


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Design Study: Food and Recipe Website Layouts

When it comes to web design inspiration you don’t need to look very far. CSS galleries and digital web design magazines are frequently writing about the topic and sharing ideas. However one niche not often covered is geared towards food and restaurants.

Graphic designers have a tough time finding examples of practical layouts for food-themed web pages. This isn’t to say there are a lack of good pieces out there, but rather most galleries are looking and portfolios and company websites. The concept of a recipe website is not so uncommon, yet professional illustrators and web designers are not so easy to locate.

In this brief collection I’ve outlined some great examples of food and recipe website designs. If you’re working on a project for your design agency, freelance gig, or just for yourself I’m sure this collection will give you a creative boost. Chefs from around the world can rejoice with a refreshing breath of new age digital artwork!



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