Design Study: Food and Recipe Website Layouts

When it comes to web design inspiration you don’t need to look very far. CSS galleries and digital web design magazines are frequently writing about the topic and sharing ideas. However one niche not often covered is geared towards food and restaurants.

Graphic designers have a tough time finding examples of practical layouts for food-themed web pages. This isn’t to say there are a lack of good pieces out there, but rather most galleries are looking and portfolios and company websites. The concept of a recipe website is not so uncommon, yet professional illustrators and web designers are not so easy to locate.

In this brief collection I’ve outlined some great examples of food and recipe website designs. If you’re working on a project for your design agency, freelance gig, or just for yourself I’m sure this collection will give you a creative boost. Chefs from around the world can rejoice with a refreshing breath of new age digital artwork!



Orca Bay Seafoods


Cascade Brewery Co.

art in my coffee

Gianni’s Steakhouse

Alley Pfannekuchen

All Recipes

Ruby Tuesday



Cannolificio Mongibello


Garelick Farms

Wawa Coffeetopia


French Meadow Bakery

Carino’s Italian Restaurant

Cafe Yumm

Villager Kent

Smokey Bones



Jack in the Box


Trader Joe’s

Tasty Planner

Frontier Room


Keith Homemade Cakes

Easy Bistro & Bar

Glenilen Farm

CJ’s Favorites


These websites are a clear demonstration of what true artists can create. Food is big business and firmly reserves its place on the web. Recipe databases and restaurants are just a couple of the many differing types. Hopefully this gallery has given you new insight towards web design practices.

It’s possible to employ many of the techniques used above onto websites of similar niches. For example, much of the imagery associated with each website included interior photographs or prepared dishes. From fast food to five-star restaurants these techniques can be applied throughout. Additional vector characters and food artwork can be added to lighten the mood.

If you know of similar websites please feel free to add them in the comments below. It’s certainly possible I don’t know of all the great food and restaurant-based designs out there on the Internet. However the design community can benefit greatly from having so many options for inspiration.

Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a social marketing expert and Internet entrepreneur. He has built a few startup ideas and continues to write for many online design magazines. Check him out through google or follow his updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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  1. Lex Koff says:

    These website templates indeed made me hungry =) Mouthwatering pictures and call-to-eat phrases =))))

  2. David says:

    Yeah, I was just thinking, now I’m hungry. Great collection especially if you’re trying to figure out where to take lunch.

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