Best 10 Apps at Apple Store of 2014

Apple offers a wide variety of apps for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. The Apple Store has an app for everyone. Apple products come with some pre-installed apps but if you want to exploit the full potential of your device, you need extras. Here are best 10 apps at Apple Store of 2014.


1. RunKeeper

This app allows you to keep using the GPS feature on iPhones to monitor your cycling and jogging routes. It makes it possible to check the mapping of the routes, your pace, and the number of calories that you burn. This app allows you to share your activities online and enter your exercise details manually.

2. Movies by Flixter

This app makes it easy to locate cinemas. You can select a film and Movies by Flixter determines your location. It lists all cinemas in the vicinity and when the film is being shown. You can also enter specific cinemas to make the search more accurate.

3. Wikipanion

The free app gives you fast access to articles and specific information in an article. It allows you to bookmark the information and tweet it.

4. Cloak

Cloak checks Foursquare and Instagram to find out where your friends and people you may know are every time. Thinks makes it easy to avoid anyone you do not want to bump into.

5. MyScript Calculator

This is a great app for students and professionals who have to jot down math formulas as part of their daily routines. The app makes it easy to draw math equations on the screen. It converts the equations into text and solves them.

6. Up Coffee

The app is ideal for coffee drinkers who want to keep track of the number of cups they take each day and how this affects their sleep patterns and productivity during the day.

7. Habit List

There are various apps designed to help you come up with to do lists, but Habit List is different because it notes the specific activities that you carry out frequently. This app makes it easy to come up with a repeated list.

8. AirBnB

If you are a frequent traveler, AirBnB will com in handy when you need accommodation. This app will help you get accommodation in any part of the globe. All you need to do is enter the name of the city and your travel dates to get a list of available options. It is a great app for travelers who want to save on accommodation.

9. Citymapper

This app is designed to help you find your way around the city when you are in an unfamiliar area. Citymapper allows you to enter your desired destination and it offers comprehensive details on the route to take. It even gives public transport details.

10. Steam

If you are a gamer, Steam is a must have. This app offers more than 2,000 games from all genres. It also allows you to connect with other people on your mobile devices, television, and PC. It helps you to create an online community made up of individuals who want to interact and play games. This is a great way for you to meet new people, chat between games, and form groups. It will also give you updates on your favorite games.

There is so much to explore in the Apple App Store. Your choice of app will depend on your interests. Each app has been designed with a specific user in mind, but they all simplify your life.

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  1. Up Coffee is pretty good, but the best way to approach drinking coffee is actually a lot simpler. I try to maintain a schedule of 3 cups per day, during the hours from 7am to 2pm.. great for overall health, and doesn’t bother me when I’ve to go to sleep.

    Thanks for the roundup!

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