A Perfect Way to Create Web Presence through Mobile Websites

In this age of information and technology, everyone is looking for useful material everywhere. And many of them prefer to look for the information on the internet. Even a few years back, majority of them would have used only their personal computer for researching on the internet. However, time has changed. And now, most of the people prefer remaining online even when they are on the go. Majority of them use their mobile devices to go online. Hence, a number of businesses prefer going for responsive websites. Besides, many of them also create websites for mobile devices on. The website is dedicated to assist in designing various types of mobile websites for different businesses.

An Engaging Design

The design of the website is sure to attract several visitors. Moreover, it presents the content in an engaging way, which will help to keep the visitors glued to the website for quite some time. The orange box at the top of the page catches attention in a blink of an eye. So does the messages that scroll in it. Moreover, the image of the mobile phone with the glass of brushes and colour pencils in front of it conveys the message perfectly. It blends the idea of designing and technology perfectly. Through this, it expresses the functionalities of the website, which is to help create mobile websites, including creating its designs. Moreover, it also creates an aesthetic appeal, which is sure to attract more visitors.

Contrasting Colours Make It Attractive

People are sure to feel attracted to the website at one go when they are looking at it.  The choice of colours in the creation of the website is excellent. The use of the colours is prudent. Bright orange at the top is sure to attract the attention of the onlookers. Besides, the background of black at the top and grey below creates a perfect contrast. It creates the conflict, which brings in a touch of drama in the website. The part of white below also looks bright. The colours of the blocks, which contain the call to action, have also been chosen prudently. Besides, the white background of the inside pages also add brightness to the site. The colours go perfectly for a website, which helps to build websites and resell them. In fact, they build the identity of as a white label mobile website reseller.

Easy Navigation, but Need to Scroll

easy navigation

When new visitors arrive at a landing page of the website, they are sure to spend some time there. And if they feel interested, they are going to shift to other pages. However, the navigation of the website leaves room for criticism. The top navigation bar contains the links to a few pages, namely:

  • Plans
  • API
  • Templates
  • Help
  • Login

However, the other few links to the inner pages are provided at the bottom of the page. As the visitors need to scroll down the pages to go to the bottom, the navigation panel there is likely to attract less attention. Hence, it would have been better, if all the links could have been incorporated in the top navigation panel.

An Interesting and Engaging Blog


The website is meant for providing services for people looking to build a website, which can be accessed through the mobile phones. However, its utility is not limited to that only. The website has an excellent blog section. It can be easily linked by clicking on ‘Blog’ in the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. The blog section of the website is well documented. It contains write ups on different topics on mobile website. Thus, interested visitors, who want to make a mobile website, can go through these and understand the nuances of creating such a website for their business.

Ways to Earn Described Nicely

earn money

One of the most important features offered by is the opportunity it provides to earn money. This is sure to interest the visitors to the website. All they need to do is refer some of their friends and acquaintances to the website. Once these friends build their own mobile websites, the user is going to earn a good amount of money. For the first time, they are going to earn 20% and from then on, the amount is going to be 5%. This has been excellently highlighted in the Affiliates page of the website. It will not be difficult for the visitors to see this once they land on the page.

Conveying the Message Straight Away

One of the best things about this website is that it conveys the message straight away. The moment you reach the home page of the site, immediately you know that it has got something to do with mobile, website and designs. Besides, the templates page makes it obvious that it will help you perfectly design the mobile website for your business.

Short and Crisp Content

The content of the website is also engaging enough to make a visitor return to it time and again. Sentences are short. The message is conveyed with the help of simple words. No matter who the visitor is, it is easy for everyone to understand what is conveyed through the site.

The About Page could have been Better

When people visit a website, they look for a number of things. They look for information about the website – what it does and why is it for. Besides, they also want to know who the people are behind the operations of the business. The About section of the website offers all the information. However, there is still scope for betterment here. The section can be divided into two sections – one on the business operations and the other on the people behind it. This will make it easier for the visitors to navigate. They can go to a certain page directly to get the information, which they want.

Packages Enumerated Perfectly

plans offers different kinds of packages. And all of them have separate offerings. Besides, you can also use it free of cost for the first 21 days in trial version. Once you are satisfied with it, you can subscribe for the mobile website building packages offered by it. All these are perfectly described in the ‘Plans’ page. This will surely help the interested customers to select the package of their choice.

The website is a perfect platform to build and resell mobile websites. It offers the chance to get a website built in the way you want. It can be used to create different types of mobile websites. You can use the templates to get the site of your choice. However, while making it, ensure that the design is in line with your business objectives and offerings.


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