9 Considerations for Naming Your Site

Domain name is your first weapon to win the competition on online business. Having a good and easy to remember domain names will give you many benefits. Domain name has the same function with location on land store. If you want to buy domain names for your websites, here are several suggestions to help you get the best domain names.


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Good Domain Names Are Short

It relates closely with the characteristic of human memory. Human’s memory works better when it has to memorize shorter name. If it is possible, you should find domain name that consists of one word only such as Answer.com, Magazine.com, Oatmeal.com, etc. Unfortunately, you have to give extra efforts if you want to find domain name that consists of one word because most of one-word domain names are already gone. When you search or create domain names, you should search for domain name that contains less than 20 characters. If one-word domain name is not available, domain names that consist of 2 or 3 words are good alternatives.

Easy to Remember Domain Names

Still related to the above explanation, human’s brain shows excellent performance when it has to memorize short word. Therefore, you have to choose or create easy to remember domain names.

For example, it will be easy to memorize Blinking.com rather than Blinkingxmz.com.

Choose Top Level Domain (TLD) Extensions

TLD extensions are domain extensions that have high exposure from internet users. Domain extensions that are included into TLD are .com, .mil, .gov, .edu, .org and .net. With the gigantic number of domains that use .com extension, ICANN starts to promote .co as the alternative domain extension of .com. Another reason why you have to choose TLD domain is that these extensions are already in people’s heads. 3 different websites may have the same name but with different extensions such as Polo.com, Polo.net and Polo.info, will get different visits. Many people will refer to search for Polo.com instead of other domain extensions.

Good Domain Names Must Be Easy To Spell

With the increment number of people who bought domain, finding your desired domain names may be difficult. It is often found that 2 domains only have different on 1 letter such as Answer.com and Answers.com. Spelling indeed plays an important role on choosing domain name. Therefore, you must pay attention on domain names that make you visitors can remember the names easily without misspelling. Misspelling leads your valuable visitors to your competitors’ websites.

Choose Descriptive Domain Names

When people want to visit a website, most of them also consider the name of the website. If the name is doubtful, usually they shift to another website that has more appealing name. If you are creating domain names, you must create appealing domain names that will attract the attention of your visitors.

For example, if you want to make a website about automotive, you can use AutomotiveTips.com as domain name to attract visitors.

Branded Domain Names

If you do not know the official website of Sony Corporation, I’m sure all of you will directly type Sony.com and guessing that Sony Corporation owns Sony.com. You are allowed to create domain names that contain the word Sony such as SonyElectronic.com. Internet users usually attracted to domain names that contain the name of famous brands.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

You must avoid hyphens and numbers because using these two is equal with using non TLD extensions. The main purpose is still the same that is to make visitors to remember your websites easily.

For example, you name your website with 2Sunday.com, but most people who have visited this website will most likely type twosunday.com when they want to visit this website for the second time.

Add Simple Word

You can add simple word such as “the” on the beginning of domain name. For example, if your target domain name is Answer.com (but you are unable to get it), you can use TheAnswer.com.

Keep Searching

Millions of people start to take part on online business and it makes many people unable to find their desired domain names. If you are among people who are unable to find your desired domain, you do not have to worry or desperate. Domain name is just one of many factors that determine your success on online business. Keep searching and you will eventually find a good domain name to buy.


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    Cool list of things to consider. I think it also depends on what you are using the domain for. If you need to “Brand” the domain, and get it printed on name cards, then it will be useful to follow most of these tips. If you are targeting mainly search engine traffic, then some (e.g. avoiding numbers) are not so important. :)

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