Surviving the Google Penguin Update: 7 Tips for Quality Content Writing

While some sites are still recovering from the panda aftermath, here comes a new flightless terror. On the 24th of April, Google launched new changes in the ranking algorithm that spelled doom for over-optimized sites: the Google Penguin Update.

The penguin update aims to penalize sites that are guilty of excessive link building, keyword stuffing, and posting crappy content in their websites simply to increase their rankings. Although Google claims that only 3.1% of the English search queries we’re affected by the recent update, this figure is expected to increase as Google will be doing more changes in their new update.Those who have been hit by the new algorithm are still at Google’s mercy.

Fortunately, there is still chance to get back on your feet.Since the update is mainly focused on content quality, here are some content strategies that can save you from the webbed clutches of the penguin.

 1. Provide unique and useful content.

content is king

Always write unique content for your readers. Great content will generate links. Never copy or plagiarize other people’s work as it will be your downfall.  If you provide useful content, it raises your reader base, aswell as your rank. If you’re having trouble with the content, hire someone who can do it for you. Hiring web content writers who are knowledgeable about your chosen niche can prevent a penguin attack.

 2. Post new content regularly.

new content

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Research shows that Google values websites that frequently post new content. It’s all because of the new freshness update which is the sub-component of the penguin. Providing valuable content regularly makes the search engine crawl, index, and rank your website.

3. Highlight key elements in your content.


Make sure that the readers don’t miss out on the important points. Highlight important elements in your article in italics or bold as it will help not only the readers, but also the search engine bots. Bolds and italics help bots in Google’s relevant keyword search.

 4. Control your keyword use.


There is never really a right keyword density to increase a website’s performance. It’s more about delivering high quality content that readers will love. Having too many keywords will make your work look like spam, thus, making it more prone to penguin attacks. Be more focused on the quality of the content.

 5. Point your anchor links to the right sites.

Never connect your links to bad websites. With the appropriate keywords, it would be best to point your anchor links to your content references or to your website. This helps search engines understand your niche, eventually increasing the authority and value of your website. This also helps you keep in touch with your fellow bloggers of the same niche.

Having outbound links is good but never overdo it. Again, if you do not know what to do, hire an expert SEO content writer to deal with the linking.

 6. Have good back links.


Always be on the lookout for high PR sites that offer guest blogging. Writing for other websites and blogs can help you earn good exposure and quality backlinks depending on how popular the site is. Always go for the high PR sites as they can give you good quality links that can help with your ranking.

Frequently visit online forums and comment on blogs. They can provide a few link juice and additional exposure for your website. Engaging in link-partnerships can also be good, but be sure about their website.

 7. Add social media buttons.

social media buttons

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Put social media buttons on your site. Social media sharing has a huge impact on your website ranking. It has been proven that getting followers, likes, shares and +1s in Google Plus increases your ranking greatly. Use Digg plugins if you have WordPress.

Again, Penguin most definitely won’t be the last, but as long as you write for the readers and not for the spider bots, you’re sure to be on the right path.

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