7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Resume

Your resume showcases your skills and professional accomplishments to potential recruiters and a good quality resume could be the deciding factor in your job search success. In today’s competitive job market where recruiters are overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive for each job posting, it is essential that you make your resume stand out in the crowd. Here are some tips for improving and fine-tuning your resume.

resume tips

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1. Use effective keywords and titles

These days, digital scanners are used for screening candidates. These digital scanners search your resume for specific keywords and key-phrases, so make sure that the titles and descriptions in your resume have the keywords related to the job you are applying for. Also, whenever possible use numbers and results to describe your achievements, responsibilities and expertise.

2. Focus on good design and typography

Readability is important area that you need to focus on. Ensure that the font size is not too small. Helvetica, Arial, Times and Georgia are good font choices to be considered. Also include sufficient white space between paragraphs in order to improve legibility.

3. Tailor your resume for each job

Don’t make the mistake of creating a standard resume to send to all the companies that you are applying to. This greatly reduces the changes of getting an interview call. Before applying for a job, read the description of the role and ensure that your resume has some of the keywords mentioned in the job description.

4. Limit your resume to a single page

Recruiters spend less than 10 seconds scanning your resume. Instead of creating a resume spanning over multiple pages, try to limit your resume to a single page by making the content as crisp, clear and lucid as possible. Resume readability and content clarity are more essential than having a long (and boring) list of qualifications and expertise.

5. Proofread your resume twice

Even a minor error can adversely affect your job application. Proofread your resume twice to ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors. Also make sure that it is written in an active voice.

resume tips

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6. Be concise and consistent

Don’t create a long list of all your strengths and qualities. Instead, try to focus on showcasing your experiences that bring out those qualities and strengths.

7. Include only relevant information

Including irrelevant information such as your religious preferences, your hobbies or your political affiliation might adversely affect your chances of landing the job. Include only that information which your potential employer would find useful.

I have presented a few tips to be kept in mind while writing your resume. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Bharani is a designer/developer from New Delhi, India. He is currently working on Resumonk- an online resume builder that helps you create a professional and beautiful resume in minutes.


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