Beautiful Examples of Crafty Packaging

We all love those unique packaging ideas, especially when we can make them on our own at home. Often you just need a few supplies and a little patience to make wonderfully expressive packaging of your own. From jars to baggies to boxes, this collection covers some cool ideas to get your crafty juices flowing.

Crafty Packaging


I like this idea because it’s just a ribbon and a card on a unique bottle shape. If you’re trying to give your finished product a little flair, this is simple and easy to do at home.

Crafty Packaging

Items needed: a jar, twine, burlap cloth, a marker, and a steady hand. For “natural” products, this is a great way to make a down-home look.

Crafty Packaging


If you just need a simple touch, this could do the trick! A ribbon + blank sticker + marker = too cute!

Crafty Packaging


This is a bunch of great ideas rolled into one. The handwritten design of the packaging caught my eye, which can easily be done using fonts. I like the sack as these can be easily made on your own.

Crafty Packaging


I saw this and it occurred to me how easy it would be to just use business cards for your labels with this approach. A simple cloth over the top and a string to tie it all together. Too easy!

Crafty Packaging

With all that’s going on with these labels, focus on the simple heart stickers. I like that they are only two colors (inexpensive) and so easy to make. But the other pieces of this packaging are wonderful, too. From the lacy chord to the patterned cloth, this is a beautiful example of over-the-top packaging.

Crafty Packaging

For you scrap-bookers out there, here’s a fine specimen of using those talents for packaging. Each of the elements of these designs are easily home made, even though it looks like a complicated piece. While not for your average quick packaging job, this is an awesome example of going the extra mile for that personal touch.

What kind of crafty packaging have you seen lately that inspired you?

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