Digital Marketing Lessons To Be Learned From 2018

As 2019 dawns, it is time to look back on the lessons learned in 2018 and implement changes accordingly. In the expanding world of digital marketing there are many teachings that can be adopted. It is important to continually reflect upon these as they provide valuable insight into tactics that allow companies to stand out from the rest. In 2018 we learnt many lessons, three of which will be detailed in this article. While some are familiar, and have been applicable for years, some are quite new. If you are unsure about how to manage your digital marketing needs, contact a digital marketing agency and prepare your business for the year ahead.

Branch Out

This lesson has been taught throughout the years, but it important to mention the value in multi-pronged marketing campaigns. This tactic allows the presence of your brand to be felt along different platforms, and expands the target audience. If you rely on one avenue for generating leads, a blockage will collapse your entire digital marketing strategy, leading to dire consequences for your business. A blockage of a single avenue among multiple will not lead to this collapse. Keep up to date with this process, and make sure that the way in which you are approaching customers has not become blocked or outdated. Something new to consider is the increasing use of voice search. According to Keith Goode, SEO manager at IBM, adapting your digital marketing strategy to enable voice search was a top tip for 2018. This should be carried on into the new year.


It is known that the “best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”, but what does that mean in practical terms? In order for your business to successfully attract a customer in today’s marketing landscape it must stand above the rest. Big brands will attract customers as they often serve as a status symbol, but smaller businesses may not be able to rely on this. Another way that brands and businesses can attract customers is through offering different additional services. Apple has great customer service, and succeed in creating a positive experience for their customers both on their website and in store. If your business can operate in the same way, and provide an overall customer-based experience along with a product or service, then you may see a benefit for your business.


Before the rise of social media, celebrity endorsements of a product of service were commonplace. Nowadays, it has become more and more common for social media influencers to endorse products. In the past year we have witnessed the impact that social media influencers can have; from the incredible success of Liza Koshy to the damning of Jake and Logan Paul. Search for someone whose values align with those of your business and consider working with them. It is important to choose wisely, as businesses associated with the Paul brothers were placed in a difficult position following the scandals of last year. Working with positive influencers can be as simple as providing a free product or service, or sponsoring a social media post.

So there we have it, three digital lessons to be learned from 2018. With the digital marketing landscape a dynamic system, it is important to actively reflect on the strategies used in the past and learn from them. Good luck!


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