Viral Marketing: How Facebook Revolutionize Business World

Simple idea could produce a great invention with huge impact in our life. I believe that Mark Zuckerberg had simple and off course, visionary idea when he started to build Facebook. But I do also believe that even Zuckerberg himself really surprised how Facebook grows today. It isn’t only the fact that it makes him very, very rich but also the fact that Facebook had huge role starting the so called social media revolution.
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Social Media new revolution

Lots of social and media expert believes that the new revolution is happening over the net. Social media gives voices to people from any background and could become antithesis for mainstream media controlled by capital power. Several social revolutions on the past years were definitely triggered by action on Facebook. These facts also inspired business world as the industry found that social media has huge power, not only to connect people but also to gives them influence. Marketing professionals who responsible to build market and brand image really knows how Facebook; undoubtedly the largest social media with 350 millions users, would be the most prospective social media for marketing campaign. The ideas that Facebook connect people one another created a new approach of word of mouth marketing. Once your brand image deeply planted on someone, there’s huge tendency the he will share it among his circle. This new marketing revolution through social media is known as the viral marketing.

Basic idea of viral marketing

The basic idea of viral marketing is like how a virus infected our body using self replicated approach. Using the existing social media networks, the viral marketing targets social media members through ads and campaign to strengthen brand image and reach other marketing goal, including improving sales. Since someone has his own network on social media, it would spreads like viral infection through the network giving the marketing campaign huge opportunities to reach wider targeted markets at minimum effort. We can easily see the example of how effective viral marketing is Obama’s presidential campaign Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. As mentioned above, Facebook is the most promising social media for marketers due its massive numbers of user. Facebook allows people to share their interest and thoughts about anything and let other people connects to him to see it. It is really ideal for viral marketing approaches.

Facebook fan page

Facebook also has a system called fan page for particular business entities including companies, institutions, or even particular products. Fan page becomes an effective ways to connect with their existing consumer and also the prospective ones. It makes closer connection with consumer and the number of fans on Facebook also becomes a new factor to determine the brand power. Don’t forget that when someone becomes a fan of particular brand on status, it would appear on their Facebook status and it means, everyone who connects with them would notice about it.

Facebook marketing tool

It isn’t a surprise that business entities would choose Facebook as part of their marketing tool. We can see on ComScore’s report that two third of leading US websites and more than half of leading global websites have Facebook fan page. Lots of marketers enjoy their successful campaign over Facebook with huge impact on the core business. It is true that there are others social media that becomes serious contender for Facebook but still, Facebook is way to strategic to be left behind. Moreover, we can’t forget the fact that Facebook is the social media that brought a new revolution in marketing world. There are many prospective potential that Facebook could offers for business community and that will strengthen its position as the largest and most influential social media network on the net.


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