Is Android the Future for Mobile OS?

This past decade, there’s no hotter issue in mobile technology than Android, the new mobile platform developed by Google and designed to become open source mobile OS. Those people behind Google really understand that mobile technology has important roles on the future as they started to develop Android. Today, when Android platform becomes more and more powerful, it seems like their vision was undoubtedly brilliant.

google nexus android mobileWhen Google Android development released back in 2005 followed by establishment of Open Handset Alliance in 2007, lots of people believed that this would be the future of mobile OS. Based on open source platform, Android would allow rapid development of mobile applications from third party developers giving consumers wider options to optimize their mobile handled. The first android handled, Nexus One, was launched in 2010 and since then, more and more Android handled devices from various manufacturers were released. Google reported that everyday up to 350,000 new android devices are activated, the fastest growth among other mobile platforms. No wonder since Open Headset Alliance consist of huge numbers of handled device manufacturers and the fact that Android platforms used on wide ranges of handled device versions from entry level to premium ones is also the reason for the amazing growth of Android devices.

It is true that Android sales growth is really amazing. Even Canalys analyst firm reported that Android is the number one smartphone platform in the world replacing Symbian. But this status isn’t free from controversy. Other analyst firms, Gartner and IDC declined it. Both firms reported despite amazing sales growth of Android, it couldn’t replace Symbian as the largest market share holder for smartphone platform.

Google learnt from other platforms that third party applications would become the key factor for a mobile platform. The open source status of Android gives lots of benefits. Unlike Blackberry OS and iOS platform that limited on Blackberry and Apple devices, Android platforms are highly varied. There are many versions of Android platform such as Honeycomb, Froyo and other popular platforms. It gives third party developers huge opportunities to develop large varieties of Android apps for many different purposes. The result is really surprising. According to AdroidLib’s statistic, more than 4,000 new apps added to Android apps store in March alone. The installed apps record 3 billions apps until March. It is clearly showing that Android has a huge prospect to become the future trends in mobile OS.

Since this is the tablet era, Android becomes the most likeable platform to challenge iPad domination. The so called iPad killers mostly use Android for their platforms while Windows Mobile and Palm tablet platforms seem way behind. The good news also comes from RIM as this company decided to use Android Platform on Playbook, its flagship tablet. Lately, RIM also announced that Playbook would be compatible with most Android apps. This cross platform compatibility would boost Android determination among the consumer.

If Android really wants to become the future trend for mobile platform, there’s no better benchmark than Apple. It can’t be denied that Android is inspired by Apple iOS that offers user friendly navigation at impressive mobile experience. Apple decision to gives freedom to apps developers made a huge impact to the handled sales. One of the biggest reasons why people choose iPhone or iPad isn’t only its stylist looks but also tons of apps they could find for any of their purpose. It seems like Android has been on the right track with its decision to open the source code for apps development.

However, handled device manufacturers as well as Android developers need better approaches to keep make Android more than just a shadow of Apple iOS. Android really needs killer platforms and application to strengthen domination on mobile platform category. The recent Android version, Android 3.0, could be the starting point to expand Android penetration on the mobile computer market.


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