Social Media Security

Best practices for social media security are still evolving. The challenge has to do with the content and destination of outgoing communications, as well as the person who is consuming and responding to the communication. For example, encrypting a blog submitted by an employee will not help your company once it’s published publicly. The post may give away company secrets if the employee doesn’t know he wasn’t supposed to share certain bits of information with the public!

Every company must have policies in place and a framework laid out defining acceptable use of social media. Every organization—from small businesses to governments—need to treat social media policies like IT policies—living documents that guide appropriate use.

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Picture Perfect: The Best Printing Apps

From a young age we are taught that a picture can speak a thousand words, with images often conveying complex messages that even the world’s best essay would struggle to express. Perhaps it is for this reason that images now form such a central part of our lives, with advertisers, designers and businesses all utilising visual content to their advantage.

When it comes to printing our favourite photos and images, achieving a high quality result is naturally at the top of our list. In the modern world, where smartphones and tablets have become the bread and butter of mobile business operations, printing apps have become a vital resource – and one which all designers should utilise to their advantage.

In order to do this, it is necessary to establish which apps are the best. Of course, this will vary slightly depending on the device you intend to use, with those running on Apples iOS differing slightly to those used on Google’s Android operated systems.

For iPads and iPhones

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Improving your Personal Brand using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool or professional social media portal used by over 150 million people all over the world to engage in professional networking, find jobs, hunt for talent, share content and engage in group-discussions over a wide variety of topics. Whether you are working in an organization, are self-employed or a job seeker, an active LinkedIn presence goes a long way in building your personal brand and boosting your career trajectory.

This article offers an in-depth coverage of LinkedIn features you can use with a basic account and how to use them to improve your branding.

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Pros and Cons of Social Networking for Designers

As the contest keeps on growing in the internet world, social networking is an unavoidable prerequisite for every designer. In today’s fast paced world of technological innovation, everyone is moving their focus to the social network for advertising and promotional reasons. Nonetheless, every new discovery and development in this word has both paybacks and damages. The issue with social networking is also analogous as it is deemed both effective and dangerous.

Just because one thing has a few drawbacks, it doesn’t mean that we should overlook its myriad benefits. Similarly, the revolutionary world of social networking also gives more benefits than harms. The aim of this article is to provide designers with an impartial and unbiased outlook on the pros and cons of social networking.

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Zurker great features and ideas

When two are fighting one against other, an old saying teaches us that a third one may win. Applied into the world of social networks, the fight between Facebook and Google+ may be the perfect launch for another impressive network. Anyway, the Internet users will get bored of the same idea and surely, the next phenomenon will bring something new on the market.

Zurker is a special network and the features of it impress any person having barely low acknowledgment about social media. First of all, everything is different, if you were actively on Facebook, Google+ isn’t something unseen before, while Zurker it’s really something new. Secondly, by surfing on Zurker you get some monetary incentive, you may not be able to spend all your life in Ibiza with the money you make, but there is an amount of money that may be gained. Here are some features of this network that, certainly, will make you reconsider what you thought about social networks.

1. Zurker may be yours!

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The Top 5 Benefits of Pinterest for Blogging

Every time a new version of social media starts making waves around the Internet people start looking for ways to incorporate that social medium into their blogs, businesses, etc. The newest social media phenomenon? Pinterest. This site has taken the internet world by storm and is gaining new users in staggering droves. Following suit with what has been custom with new social media, people are now actively looking for ways to really maximize on this and use it to their benefit, especially bloggers.

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Boosting the employee morale via Social media Recognition

Social media platforms provide social exposure to the company, the difference being, its social exposure on the steroids!

With in the blink of an eye, the company and its undertakings can be supremely popular with the user groups and yes in no time the goodwill of your brand can loose all its shine and luster if the users find your corporate activities as mean, money minded, self centered and unfair.

When it comes to the promotion of the business, there is no greater pivotal tool available with the online marketers and business owners which is as cost effective and swift with results as the social media, to position their business and various endeavors.

If you thought social media is for youngsters, think again!

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Top 10 Activities that You Must Do On LinkedIn

Professionals registered with LinkedIn often miss the opportunities of using it to its fullest because of unawareness about its potential. Being professional should not be confused with being quiet. If you want to get attention you have to show some life. Here is a list of top 10 things that you must do on LinkedIn to make the best of it.

1. List your name

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How to Use Foursquare to Help Grow Your Small Business

When it comes to social media, most small businesses understand some of the more dominant sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. However, there are tons of smaller, yet still popular social media networks available to businesses. While it is never good to spread your content too thin across a bunch of different networks, there are a few social media sites that are worth the effort. One of my favorite networks and a network that I find brings in a lot of business is Foursquare.

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Emerging Trends On Social Media Networking

In an every competitive social networking domain, nothing seems to remain permanent. With big players like MySpace going down from the topmost position to the lower most position on the market share distribution, one can understand that only a platform that caters to the needs of the hour can survive. While Facebook capitalizes on the need of a common individual to share and express, we have sites like YouTube that solely pertain to interests. The virtual space is already filled with people blogging, talking, sharing videos and music and personal profiles. People are getting what they want.

So, what remains in the future of social networking media?

It’s as simple as the invention of the bicycle. It made life easy! But it doesn’t end there – once society  has learnt how to ride a cycle, it wants a bike; one we have learnt how to drive the motorbike, we wish for more comfort like that from a car; and once man learnt to conquer the grounds, he move on to fly the aircrafts. And such is the story of networking.

Change is inevitable and almost always necessary for growth. Certainly, social networking has completely changed with Facebook – and it’s 68% dominant share holding explains that – but, there are still glitches that the user will wish to avoid after a point of time.

Let’s take a look at the story of Google Plus for instance, to understand what “change” means. Google plus so far has seen quite a bit of struggle. You can look at the graph below:

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