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First version of WordPress was released more than 10 years ago – in May 2003. Since then this platform has become the gold standard for opening personal blogs, starting online shops and creating communities. WordPress now powers more than 60 million websites and blogs and this number is still growing.

However, in order to run a blog or a website on WordPress you need a place where you can install this system and upload all of it’s files. This is called hosting. Right now there are numerous companies offering WordPress hosting services and it is very difficult to decide which one to use.

Today we would like to tell you about one particular company that offers Free WordPress Hosting as well as cheap paid packages in case you want to get special service. The website is called, and it is run by an established web hosting company which operates since 2009.

free allows you to get a completely free package with already pre-installed WordPress so you don’t need to configure anything – just sign up and go. You will get 5 Gb disk space and 20 Gb traffic for your website absolutely free. This is enough to run a personal blog with photos and videos or a website about anything you like. The possibilities are endless.

In case your website grows after some time and you need more disk space or traffic, you can conveniently upgrade to next package without losing your data. This way you can always feel safe that your website content will not be lose, you will not need to migrate to another host or do anything yourself. team will handle everything for you.

The free packages have weekly backups to Amazon Cloud and paid packages boast daily backups. The company behind is a long-term leader in web hosting services and maintains a stable hosting infrastructure, so you can feel safe that your data will remain intact at all times.

Get a free wordpress hosting package today from and forget hosting – focus on your blog and website!


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