5 Easy ways to make quick money using WordPress

There’s no doubt that WordPress is indeed one of the fastest growing content management system(CMS) platforms available over the web. With a market share of over 54%, WordPress has witnessed a massive increase in the demand for its products and services. Over the past few years, there’s been the launch and success of businesses that are built using the WordPress CMS. If you too are looking forward to start and grow a business using WordPress then you’re on the right post. As you read through this post, you’ll come to know about 5 stunning ways in which you can choose WordPress for establishing a profitable business.


1. Starting your own WordPress Design/Development Consultancy

One of the most impressive ways for a web designer/developer to build a business using WordPress is starting his/her own WordPress Design/Development Consultancy. You can always go ahead with gathering clients from different genres. Like any other business model, even establishing a consultancy expects you to devote a good amount of time. Moreover, you also need to be clear on whether you’ll be charging on an hourly basis or would be quoting a flat project fees. Irrespective of which time-based model  you choose, its your skill level that’s going to help you grow your consultancy business.

2. Selling WordPress Themes

WordPress users are always on a look out for bespoke themes that can add a touch of elegance and charm to their existing web portals. WordPress themes sales has become one of the most prominent business models in today’s web market. The best part of selling WordPress themes is that it offers you the benefit of being detached from the time-bound business model. In addition to this, operating a WordPress themes store doesn’t require you to invest tons of time and efforts. You can either choose to start up your own independent e-commerce website for selling the themes or can get into collaboration with a popular marketplace for handling the theme sales.

3. Offering WordPress Web Hosting Services

If you’re a WordPress user running a self-hosted website then you’d definitely require some kind of web hosting service. Popular web hosts like Dreamhost, GoDaddy and MediaTemplate have been offering low-cost WordPress web hosting services. Like these renowned web hosting service providers, you too can choose to position yourself as a trusted WordPress hosting specialist. Prior to  entering into the web hosting business, make sure to acquaint yourself with a thorough knowledge about the server technology and hosting issues. You’ll also be required to pay attention to the infrastructure, marketing and customer support staff for ensuring a lucrative business.

4. Running a blog for WordPress Community

Writing valuable content for the WordPress community is a brilliant means of building a strong business. You can choose to run your blog with content that mainly focuses on niches within the WordPress CMS world. Here, one of the most important things that need to be kept in mind is building a strong readership. While it can take months for novice bloggers to establish a WordPress content-driven blog, a professional can easily get the blog up and running within a few days. Some of the finest examples of WordPress content-related blogging sites include: WP Beginner, WP Engineer and WPCandy.

5. Rendering WordPress Plugin Development and Support

With the growing population of WordPress users, there’s been an incredible increase in the demand for WordPress plugins. If you’ve a flair for creating some awesome functionality, then a business in WordPress plugin development is definitely something you can choose for yourself. Just like the case of selling themes(I discussed about it in point no.2 above) you can opt for selling WordPress plugins via your own individual e-commerce site or can release your plugins on popular WordPress marketplaces such as WP Plugins, Mojo Themes etc. Additionally, you may also render the right technical support to users facing issues in using your plugins. Doing this will make you popular among your potential clients and help you scale new heights of business success.

Wrapping Up

Well, these were just a few business models for your reference. There are tons of other innovative approaches of using WordPress for setting up and running a high-revenue business. If you’ve been a WordPress fan for long, you can always give it a try and start a business worth noting.

Jack Calder is a talented CMS developer at Markupcloud Ltd – WordPress Development company. He has been in this industry for more than eight years and like to write on latest topics related to HTML to WordPress conversion, PSD to WordPress Conversion, PSD to Joomla, etc.


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