What Does This Mean For the Future of Link Building?

Search engine optimization techniques have been popular for years. People crave to get a hold of SEO secrets and enhance the page rankings for their websites. For this reason, they made Twitter accounts, started socializing more through blogs and Facebook and went every distance to optimize their stuff. But now, there have been changes in the cyber world that may be seen as a threat to search engine optimization. The big question remains: what does this mean for the future of link building?  Because if link building is threatened or not a hit technique to improve page rankings, what is? What happens to article directories and the business of posting content?

Google Getting Hysterical

Google 'Updated' Concept Logo - flat colour mock-up

Google and other search engines have announced strict policies regarding search engine optimization techniques. It clearly defines what an SEO official is not supposed to do:

  • Purchasing links to back up a web page
  • Exchanging back links: this means that you link to a website and have that website link to you in return
  • Stuffing key words in the content
  • Using spam to get people to visit your website

These are some ways of link building and attempts to increase page rankings that’s search engines totally hate and disregard as superficial attempts to attract traffic. Now, what does this mean for the future of link building is that link building does not have the great chances that it initially did.

Social Media

Social Network

Because social media is relatively new, nothing can be asserted about its impact on search engine optimization and what does this mean for the future of link building. Link building and search optimization techniques have been the base of web marketing for ages and it is unlikely that these techniques will be swept away so easily. But still, there are some experts that seem pretty confident that soon social media will wipe out the orthodox methods of attracting traffic. Just for an example, a video posted on Facebook goes viral. This is because people understand that their friends, if have shared something, with comments of course, has to be worth a shot. Most of the times, it actually is, and for this reason social media has become an enormous source of attracting traffic to something.

The Plus one Option

Google plus one

The whole point of link building is getting people to visit certain pages. Now, Google is expected to introduce a plus one option of different web pages. This is very much comparable to the likes and shares on forums like Facebook. When someone likes something on Facebook, their friends get to know about it and hence, are likely to visit that page too. Now, when a web surfer clicks plus one, people get to notice that the page is probably interesting or important and worth a visit. This way, more and more traffic is attracted to a web page as it gains increasing plus ones. With these techniques of attracting traffic, what does this mean for the future of link building is a genuine concern.

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