Effective Backlinking Strategies That Still Work After Google Panda Update

Backlinking is an effective tool that will help you boost your Google page rank and generate traffic. Quality backlinks are good ‘food’ for search engine optimization. When adequately used, post-panda backlinking can have your site gain a persistent audience who will jump straight to your page whenever they need information. It is however important to make sure that your backlinks are posted in places that are relevant to your site. The following backlinking strategies have been tried and tested, and they should also inspire you to expand your imagination and come up with other different ways of generating backlinks:


1) Forum postings – Leave plenty of comments in social network dialogue boxes, guest books, forums and comment boxes of various blogs. Along with your remark, include your URL and post. Be careful to stick to the topic and ask or answer legitimate questions. It is even better when your website is in a similar or related niche.

2) Organic/Natural backlinks – Valuable content always attracts the attention of Webmasters as well as other website managers who simply want to link to the best websites. Although it takes time, natural links will be achieved as your site gets popular and rises in rank. Organic backlinking occurs when Webmasters find what they are looking for in your site and they automatically link back.

3) Blogs – Blogging gives you a chance to explain to the reader what you know about. A blog can be set up within minutes. When writing related articles for your blog, you can include backlinks to your main site. Include only the best quality articles so that they can generate the interest of readers.

4) Offer free software/themes/templates – If you have any of these things available for download in your site, submit this information to software directories and they will back link to your page. You do not have to be a specialist to create them; you can just use software tools that are available online.

5) Sharing videos – Create your own informative videos and submit them to YouTube. The trick is to include your URL in their description box offering an instant backlink.

6) Social bookmarks – These should not be confused with social networking sites although they are also useful as we shall see. Bookmarking sites are available and after creating an account you can share your URL.

7) Social networking sites – Fit your URL somewhere in your personal or business profile. You can also explore other ways of promoting the same according to the options provided for by the particular site. Make sure that your key words are part of the user name.

8) Marketing articles – post your articles in relevant directories such as Buzzle and Tumbler and you will easily get backlinks.

9) RSS marketing – having an RSS feed for your blog or site will generate fast and easy post-panda backlinking. An automatic tool like FeedShark is able to publish your content to hundreds of viewers.

10) Quality content – informative content will most definitely attract and retain a constant flow of traffic to your website or blog.

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  1. These are solid basic backlinking strategies but its good to know that they will still work even after Google’s planned changes. Thanks for sharing.

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