GeoSurf Proxy Toolbar Review

If you need to associate the Internet with some words to describe it clearly, information, social networks or marketing are some of these. Willing or not, the online environment is turning into “another” realm of business and it’s better to stay prepared for than just expecting.

Any serious company must have an online presence and somebody to take care of advertising and branding policy. In order to help the marketing specialist there is “miracle” that makes simpler and easier any research in this field. The GeoSurf Proxy toolbar is a small item situated in your browser and it may provide useful information about the situation of any website. It’s fabulous to find out with a simple click how many advertisers and campaigns are detected in a website and optional, you may access more detailed information about these. By having installed this toolbar any user can benefit from more than 90 Premium proxy servers. Under these conditions is almost impossible not to be satisfied with the information obtained, we all know that it is priceless in advertising & marketing.

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GeoSurf impresses with its facilities and some of these advantages are very important in realizing a very good and correctly based advertising strategy. There are some, but it’s more pragmatically to test it personally (no matter which plan do you decide to chose there is a special offer, 5 days test). First of all, the Proxy toolbar is very simple to manipulate, the user shouldn’t be very skilled but the information provided is golden. Secondly, the company has a quality network of servers and in case that a client needs a special location he shouldn’t buy proxy servers or hire any similar service, they quickly offer a good solution. Thirdly, the premium proxy servers are reliable, very fast and most important, secure hence there is nothing to worry when choosing GeoSurf as your most important tool.

The GeoSurf Proxy toolbar isn’t new or unused until now; there is a huge number of advertisers, publishers or online marketers and the testimonials are only appreciative and they all recommend it. Much more, from the ones that benefit from this tool are very serious clients, some of them important names in advertising. Another positive aspect of the Geo Surf services is the price that is tailored to the needs of the client into four categories: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Enterprise.

Pencil Vs Camera

Fortunately, the list of useful features of the GeoSurf proxy toolbar isn’t finished; there are other advanced benefits that make it more interesting. Smartphones became very common and it was a real inconvenient not to be able to surf by proxy to test the local targets and identify more targeted the potential interesting entities. Yep, now it’s possible and really no matter if you access via Android devices or use Apple’s operating system. Much more, you may connect your Play Station and test in-game ads. GeoSurf VPN is the term that describes another advanced facility of it, the possibility of navigating by having changed the IP.

There are many and many other advanced features that are very useful, but it’s better to visit the official website to check the impressive offer of GeoSurf.


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