How to Optimize Your Video for Different Social Media Platform

Social media is as competitive as the search engine. So, don’t think you can easily put one video up and expect to get lots of high converted views. Instead, do your best to optimize your social media video and you will then start to really see conversion?

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Live videos work best for Facebook as people are spending 3 times longer on them. They are also likely to get 10 times more comments. You can use live videos to introduce a new product or host a live event. Facebook videos should be optimized with captions as 85% of people watch without sound. You might also want to feature a message that tells people to turn on sound. You must make sure the video is square so that it displays on the mobile app with no black bar.

To convert a video to square, you will need to use the crop tool in the video editor. If you wonder how to crop a video, drag the corner of the crop frame until it becomes square and cover the area you want to crop. In addition, you should keep the video short to less than 1 minute and start broadcasting important content at the start. Ideally, the logo is placed at the end of the video.


Twitter users are more aware of the brand so you should create a brand intro for your video. Stats show that more than 90% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile so make sure your video is mobile friendly before uploading. Twitter videos are automatically muted so make sure to add captions. The best length is less than 45 seconds, just like their Twitter posts are all short. On this social platform, people like something trending so do research on popular hashtags to get an idea of what is trending to get an idea on what video to make. Live video also produces the high views and engagement rate on Twitter. Upload the video directly rather than just putting a link to the video.


Instagram is well known for videos that are short and eye-catching. For Instagram, you can use animation video to grab the audience attention. There are a lot of competitions so be creative in making use of the video. Hashtags play an important role in driving traffic. Don’t simply put a large list of related hashtags. Instead, be selective and only choose the most relevant hashtags. In your Instagram video, you can ask the viewers to share some photos in the comment section that are related to the video content. The best video length for this social platform is around 30 seconds. Instagram is a visual platform so put only minimum text in the video.


YouTube is the number one video sharing platform with the largest collection of videos. If you have a budget, you could also ask influence in the same niche to make a video about your product. After you created your video, remember to cross-link to relevant video so it does not appear that you are only promoting your products.

Tutorial videos work the best on YouTube. You should not just produce YouTube videos for advertising but also for answering customer questions and solving the problems they face with your products. The best length for YouTube video is 2 minutes as the audience on this platform tends to have a short attention span with promotional content. In the video, always include a callout like a link to your landing page.


Snapchat limits each video to 10 seconds long. However, the Multi Snap feature that was introduced last year allows you to add multiple clips for a single story. However, it is recommended to keep the total length of the story clips to 2 minutes. Your video may get higher conversion if it is more personal, for example, talking directly on the camera. When someone posts a comment, make sure to respond quickly in a friendly tone. On Snapchat, you must be willing to spend money to promote your video and get it seen. Otherwise, you will have to add friends and follow back people who follow you to gather a large number of followers.


LinkedIn started to allow people to upload native video back in August 2017. It has a built-in tool for recording video but you can also upload a video you record with your own camcorder. LinkedIn is a great place for sharing resume videos, product demos, and live company events. LinkedIn has a lot of professionals in a different industry. So, if you want your video to succeed on this platform, you need to get it professionally produced. The best length for a LinkedIn video is from 1 to 3 minutes. Besides, don’t forget to add a description to the video. In the video description, you can also include links and call to actions.


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