5 Free Educational Social Networks for Teachers and Students

Social Media is much more than just chatting and connection to lost and new connections. If used in the right way social media can be a great help to educators and students. From finding a paper helper to understanding complex math with the help of videos, social media can help in each and everything. Let us now discuss some of the free educational social media networks for teachers and students.


Everyone knows about the famous Ted Talks and the great people who deliver them. These Ted Talks are highly relevant and educative. Thus to make sure that such innovative talks reach every corner of the globe, TedEd was introduced. It is a social media platform wherein there are videos which emphasize learning and much more. To make them more fun and interactive, there are animations, and lots more fun interactions added.  This is a great platform wherein students, and teachers get the latest knowledge about various subjects and topics that are happening around the world. They even get the idea of what other people think of the different situations in different parts of the world.


Everyone is familiar with the video chat on Skype. It is basically known to bring the world closer. But Skype does not only connect to family and friends. It has a completely new portal set up for educators. Here, students can interact with other students and teachers from around the globe and vice versa. Imagine learning Spanish from a teacher who is actually Spanish and sitting in Spain. You can get the best hold on the language without going to Spain. This virtual connection broadens the horizons of learning and provides with a completely innovative experience of learning.


Not finding the exact video that you are looking for on YouTube? Well, try TeacherTube. This is a complete educational portal, providing answers for almost all types of questions. The videos are fun, interactive and the best part is that the videos are built up by the teachers for better understanding of the students. There is also an online chat available wherein a student can ask questions related to his subject immediately if he gets confused and doesn’t understand anything. The teachers can also connect to other teachers and expand their learning.


In spite of carrying its reputation as a friend-making site, Facebook has many benefits if used in the right way. This is a great site for students and teachers to connect directly as it is easily accessible and almost everyone is available on it. You can create your own study groups, and teachers can answer queries in spite of not being in the same room. It can be a great learning tool if used in the right way. It also has educational pages built by professionals to provide deep insights about a particular subject. The best part is whatever information you search is all free.


This social media platform is wherein teachers and students can interact with each other and share views, calendars, timings, and all the necessary information on a single platform. It also allows teachers to give short presentations and assignments on a particular subject. Students can ask the related queries on the same platform.

Today, the latest news is the black hole image, which circulated the social media and gave a clear picture to the world of what the black hole looks like. So, imagine if there are no social medias, we would never correctly know what NASA is doing. So, use social media to its best and keep learning and exploring opportunities across the globe.


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